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None of which changes the fact that Adobe's insistence on keeping Type 1 proprietary was the reason for the development of TrueType. Warnock's subsequent whining and belated release of Type 1 notwithstanding.
Hang on - you mean they are crossing the border in battle tanks, killing and looting as they go? I had no idea - yes - they must be stopped.
I'd hazard a guess that, for these kinds of surveys, a drop of 1% is not statistically significant. Plus the item is relatively out of the news right now compared to the period just after launch.
That's probably not true - but it's easy to get a really bad impression of Fox from their silly talk shows, rather than their actual news programs which are more balanced.
Well, you probably have quite strong views on that issue yourself, so you may not be an impartial judge of the BBC coverage. I followed that issue quite closely and the BBC reporting seemed fairly balanced. I'm not clear what you mean by "buried articles". Articles by whom? In any case, the BBC has a long record of pissing off governments of both flavours on any number of issues, so the accusation that they are a state propaganda organ is just silly.
If there were other viable options then maybe, but I suspect that Apple's response would be that they do more good, long term, by working with these companies and driving changes in their behavior than by simply driving themselves out of business.
Just the expression "state-owned media", in implying "state-controlled media", misses the point to begin with. State control of the BBC has always been rather minimal. The license system does seem archaic but, historically, it has permitted a well-funded and high-quality source of news, documentaries and other programming without the annoying commercials that everyone else endures and without an imposed partisan bias. There is nothing wrong with government funding per se...
I suspect that you made an early judgement on the organization based on name and ownership, and then never actually checked it out as a news source. It's surprisingly balanced as far as I can tell. I have yet to see any content that could be interpreted as supporting terrorism. Which news sources do you prefer?
Except that it is clear that Apple is striving in this area, and is setting new standards. But because they have not been immediately and completely successful you feel able to condemn them and Capitalism? What an idiotic post.
It is worth noting that the BBC News website has given full coverage to Apple's response. The BBC anti-Apple slant has always been real, but patchy. Whether it was related to the Micro is hard to say, but that's an interesting hypothesis. The degeneration of parts of this thread into political ranting suggest that many here are simply unfamiliar with the BBC and its reporting which, by and large, is more factual and less partisan than almost anything originating here in...
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