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 That's not correct, in the context of this discussion at least. Only gases that have significant absorption in the thermal infrared region of the spectrum trap heat by this mechanism. Nitrogen and oxygen - the major constituents of the atmosphere, do not.
You recommending that as the solution?
Don't be silly - the mother ship provides no instructions on what position to take on those subjects.
"Al Gore" is an easy sound-bite to throw out to avoid actually engaging in serious debate on the subject. Which would require knowing something about the subject in the first place, as opposed to being told what to think.
The paper that discusses this issue: Hansen, J., R. Ruedy, M. Sato, and K. Lo (2010), Global surface temperature change, Rev. Geophys., 48. On the normalization question - that depends how it is done. In the simplest linear case that is correct. In all other cases it would change the relative position of points.
 If you recall, we had a detailed discussion (offline) about the urban corrections back in February, which are fully detailed in Hansen's 2010 paper. The corrections were appropriately applied - the assertion of lowering, rather than raising, the historical data is simply incorrect.
°˚Well I always use option-k as a degree sign - I had never noticed that it is smaller than the shift-option-8 version. Strange.
 On the subject of that email - I should say that I've had many discussions of that kind about data analysis. My opinion (which was also the opinion of the investigating committees) is that they are discussing whether the trends are real or not, and what they mean in terms of their mechanistic hypotheses - in other words should that spike be there or not and does it invalidate anything. As opposed to noting a spike that they consider to be real and wanting to remove it. I...
I thought that I was familiar with most of the extended keyboard options, but this one, somehow, escaped me. And the  for that matter - I knew that option-k is the degree symbol but never found the upper-case version. Need to spend more time exploring the character viewer, I guess.
 But the spike was only ever shown as around +0.2 ˚C, compared to the current excursion of nearly +1 ˚C, so it does not, and never did, support your assertion.
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