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It's not quite that simple though, because encryption of information is not entirely analogous to securing physical items by locking them where they cannot be accessed. Encryption amounts to obfuscation - more analogous to hiding such items where they cannot be found, and there have been many ways to do both of those long before iOS.
Right, but how much adults spend on watches was a side note - the issue here is teens, and I would agree that it is unlikely that a large proportion of them would see that as $350 well spent, especially if the focus is health and fitness which is probably not a cool or important subject in that demographic.
Actually it links to post #112.
That question has been posed repeatedly, and gone totally unanswered by the benders. It's like it doesn't exist.
I did wonder if that was the case, but then why does it work on my iPad, albeit with a different swipe direction.
No - not on either device.
Does not appear to work on my 5. Swiping right takes me back to the previous (updates) screen. Works on my iPad, but requires swiping left.
Fair enough. As I said, privacy and security is always good but, at least for me, not significant enough to pay extra for on a public forum. The chance that someone intercepts my LAN traffic and figures out that I'm posting on AI doesn't bother me very much.
Agreed, but FB and Twitter are a bit more far reaching since you can use those credentials to sign into numerous other sites and services. AI is just a single discussion site, and the information that you post to AI is public as soon as you post it anyway, but clearly someone could steal your login details, which would be a nuisance at least. Extra security and privacy is always good - I was just surprised that you would be willing to pay for that extra security on this site.
Any particular reason? It obviously wouldn't hurt, but it doesn't seem like forum transactions are especially sensitive in terms of content.
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