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So you are saying that it should be physically impossible to destroy a phone with your bare hands, no matter how hard you try? Is that a requirement? Does the same apply to all your electronic devices? The more controlled tests indicate a mid-plane force of over 100 lbs was required to do that. Perfectly feasible for a strong pair of hands. Substantially stronger than an HTC One, for example. But not good enough by your arbitrary standards?
You now believe that based on a debunked YouTube video and a handful of reported complaints?
Well there's a huge surprise. Not. The phone is just fine - it bends and breaks just like any other if you apply enough force.
Right. Antenna diversity almost always results in improved reception characteristics in difficult conditions. Much harder to compromise two antennas at once, whether by alignment or detuning.
Agreed. But that's a review of the Verizon 4, not the original 4. Their article on the IP4 antenna issue was earlier, and quite well reasoned, pointing out that indeed it could be somewhat detuned by bridging but that overall it performed much better than the 3GS. And that design did persist unchanged for several years.http://www.anandtech.com/show/3794/the-iphone-4-review/2
 Entirely logical, but logic and trolling are mutually incompatible.
 It is primarily services (daemons) such as DHCP that call bash internally that are likely to be vulnerable. DHCP input should be sanitized, but then so should any daemon input string. Historically that has not always been the default. However, that's also the reason that most user OSX installations should be safe - they are not running external service daemons. Servers, such as websites, mail relays, DHCP, and other open ports etc., would presumably be the immediate concern.
 Because he's trolling, of course.
 It's pretty clear from reading comments around the internet that there is a deluded minority in the US who both believe and wish that to be true. The mindset has likely always existed, but never had much of a vehicle for expression.
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