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The security/intelligence branches of all governments tend to focus on what they can do, often with fundamentally good intentions, rather than on what they should do. Remember that they are tasked with keeping their countries secure, and they get the blame when something happens. It doesn't surprise me that their priorities end up looking skewed.
No, it doesn't. There are plenty of data that do strongly suggest that in-spec cellular devices do not interfere with in-spec avionics, but this is not among them.
The hexacopters may be a bit quieter than the quads, but all the ones that I have used or seen (heard) are noisy when within 50 ft or so - they sound like a swarm of bees. Predominantly higher frequencies, so the perceived noise level drops off fast with distance. But, given that all the consumer level aircraft use wide-angle lenses (and have to because the stabilization gimbals are not good enough to stabilize with higher magnifications), you really have to get quite...
Or, from a practical point of view, it's about aerial photography and video made widely accessible and affordable.
That was the issue - it was not a corporate site for which I had a distribution certificate - it was a commercial site and a control app for one of their products. At the time the app was under beta testing, and so a limited number of users were invited to test it, but all that was provided to me by the company was the link. Since then the app has been "released", in the sense that that the company advertised the link, but it is still not in the App Store. The video API...
I was surprised that it worked at all, but all I did was follow a link to the website and confirm that I wanted to install the app. It's clearly done using the enterprise system, but did not require registering my iOS device.
Right, but did you abuse the GPU and CPU professionally, or just in an amateurish kind of way?
I'm not sure about that - I have one app that I loaded from a website without any changes to the default iOS security posture. It was not approved for the App Store because it broke a couple of video API rules.
 The King Street Run gradually fell apart as the pubs closed down. It was eight when I went up to Cambridge, but down to four or so by the time I left. I've no idea what they do now instead. Pub crawling by barge actually works OK because the pubs are relatively few and far between.
 Oh - apologies then. Pub crawls by barge are hard to beat, although I never tried that in the Fens - just up on the Midlands network.
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