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 It's pretty clear from reading comments around the internet that there is a deluded minority in the US who both believe and wish that to be true. The mindset has likely always existed, but never had much of a vehicle for expression.
Sure, but don't forget that the context was the (correct) observation that all phones operating on GHz frequencies are affected by how they are held, and always have been. The IP4 was no different. The same is true of other RF communication devices - even those with discrete antennas. Jobs was not saying that the IP4 was immune, just that its performance was well up to industry standards. The goal was, and no doubt continues to be, to minimize that effect, so of course...
Correctly or not, but probably reasonably, apps such as that are regarded as trusted.
Yes, I should have guessed that the answer implied by my response would be totally beyond you. Never mind.
What were the new protocols supported by the 5S?
They change the antennas with virtually every iteration. 4S used a new double antenna design for faster data rates and for compatibility with HSDPA. The assertion that the changes were to cure a real problem with the 4 was unsupported as far as I can recall.
You really have no clue how dumb and illogical your arguments are. Apparently you can neither reason nor read. I'll leave it to others to waste their time refuting your nonsense.
No question it bends. Apple have demonstrated that it bends. But then you succumb to stupidity, as usual. The issue, obviously, is not whether it bends (period), the issue is whether it bends under unreasonably low forces. Not proven, either by actual testing or by extensive user complaints. I don't want proof - I want credible evidence, and I haven't yet seen any.
The difference is that I'm willing to wait to see if the evidence supports the allegations, rather than immediately believing all the FUD that I read on the internet, as you apparently do.
I'm not sure that follows. Which law does the use of strong encryption contravene?
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