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I think you are confusing several different concepts, at least by name. Bit rate is bits per second, not bits per sample. 16 bit describes bits per sample, and is bit depth, not bit rate. Bit rate is samples per second multiplied by bits per sample. Your description of sample rate is correct, and it is often quoted as a frequency (in kHz) although it is technically more accurate to use samples per second.
Come on - you know perfectly well what the issue is. The principle of net neutrality is that the ISPs and Tier 1 networks cannot discriminate traffic (different priority and speed) according to its source or content. Presumably, if, for example, as a customer you pay for a 100 Mb/s download connection, you would prefer that your ISP did not vary its actual allowed data rate to you according to the source, prioritizing those companies that were willing to pay them a...
The point is not to prevent throttling, but to prevent source-dependent throttling. 
Which issue?
I was not doubting your test - just observing that the variations must be rather subtle. It's easy (FFT or just listening) to tell a lower bitrate MP3 from a lossless version, but neither method showed up the variations in your sample. I'll try a couple of other techniques and see if I can pull anything out.
Certainly more familiar than you are, based on the large fraction of your posts these days that are simply ignorant rants against government in general, and the current one in particular. Where do you get this nonsense from? "Reality dictates..."? Really? And which "promises" are you referring to here? Unless you have some actual arguments to make then the only thing dictating around here is your inability to see past your own ideological dogma. And you still didn't answer...
 That's a tough one. I'm not sure the track is very well suited to that exercise, since it has so many transitions of its own. I transferred it to CD and played it on my reference system, and I was unable to hear any significant changes. A time-resolved FFT of the data does not show much variation in bandwidth of the kind that is obvious when comparing lower bitrate music samples, so I the compression artifacts are not very apparent.
Hang on - are you saying that you are not aware of the consequences of significant further warming, if it occurs? The consequences of significant sea level increases, significantly altered rainfall patterns etc.? A few locales might do very well, but the overall global effect would be very bad. I asked previously, so I'll ask again - who are these "powers that be" and why (and how) are they pushing for a global redistribution of wealth?
So all stuff from your fevered imagination then. You evaded all three questions, in favor of more disconnected ranting. Reality doesn't play a big part in your world view, does it?
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