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I understand the suspicion and disapproval of blanket surveillance methods when used within the US. I don't understand the widespread view that Snowden's actions were, in any way, noble or heroic. He had many options for raising his concerns, through established reporting channels, via his elected representatives or, if all else failed, through the press, that did not involve dedicating considerable effort to harvesting enormous quantities of classified information from...
I have to ask why you dodged that question, because this is the crux of the matter for many people who, while they may have misgivings about some of the NSA activities that he shed light on, regard his wholesale release of unrelated classified matter as a serious crime.
Leaving aside, for a moment, the question of whether that is a reasonable parallel, and even accepting that the surveillance activities may not have been properly authorized under U.S. law, the problem is that he chose not to take the whistleblower route (which would have been completely within his right and the law), but instead to embark on deliberate, widespread acquisition and disclosure of enormous quantities of classified information. That is illegal, does constitute...
The key issue is, of course, the useable battery voltage range in the device. The inventor's assertion was apparently that "many" devices require 1.35 V (it actually says 1.3 V on the Batteriser website), in which case the benefit would be close to that claimed. This article did not actually state that he claimed that the 1.35 V minimum applies to Apple Trackpads etc., but the implication was certainly there, especially in the title. However, as others have pointed out,...
In principle this should be entirely feasible. If you look at the area under the V - Ah discharge profile for typical AA batteries, the voltage drops below 1.35 V after providing only around 0.4 Ah. There is another 1.5 Ah or so left before the voltage drops below 1 V.
I've been using the new MacBook for a couple of weeks, and so far I have not really found ForceTouch to be useful. I prefer "Tap to click", and I haven't found myself using the ForceTouch features very much at all. I suspect that for some applications that accept variable pressure input it might be important, but I haven't tried that yet.
Yes - it does what it claims to do. Sometimes very slowly - it can take many hours to rebuild an image of a disk with a damaged directory structure, but it almost always seems to get there in the end, and can recover disks that other recovery programs can't even see.
That was my first thought too. How did the officer know that he was not just fiddling with his watch? Possibly he made enough of a performance out the process that he was pulled over for careless driving, and then told the officer what he had been doing.
There's no software correction - the lens is just a tad slower than if it did not include sapphire.
Yes - that is the actual issue under discussion, but I was responding to comments about the button on the white iPhone looking less white than the surround. Same cause - difference in the reflectance.
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