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 That was what I meant - was that the ruse that you meant?
 To try to restrain the outlandish WS predictions next time?
 Their misjudgement was only in the relative numbers of 5s and 5c, since the total came out near the top of Apple's own estimate, so that argument is weak. If the stock were down purely due to the lowered 2014 forecast then that might make sense, but if it is because Apple missed Wall Street's inflated estimates then not so much.
 I don' t disagree with your comments, but on that general subject it's important to keep in mind the distinction between classification to prevent others from obtaining or duplicating acknowledged capabilities, and classification to hide unacknowledged capabilities in order to protect mission. Different considerations apply.
It depends. The problem of protecting classified information goes up with quantity and access. It's impossible to guarantee the competence and loyalty of everyone with access, and history is littered with examples of leaks, both deliberate and inadvertent.
Random, paranoid assertions. It would be better to stick to the known facts, even though they are somewhat sparse, rather than inventing your own.
I don't see the basis for that comment. One could equally say that Apple has almost assuredly improved iOS security in the five years since. And similarly for other operating systems too. We have no way of knowing the current state of this contest.
Agency development of these kinds of targeted tools is neither surprising nor nearly as much concern as indiscriminate, widespread data collection. It's their job to have tools available for covert surveillance. The issue is whether they follow legal process in deploying them, and whether said process is reasonable and, in countries that have such a thing, constitutional.
 Looks like a typo there - I'm sure that should be "copying" rather than "cooperating".
 OK - I had not seen the edits. So not even the crude substitution code saved her from infractions. But why would she suggest anyone eat a disk?
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