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It appears to update daily overnight, rather than in real time.Also - you can check your own thumbs up posts on your profile page.
I think you just provided a clear supporting data point for my tentative hypothesis.
Only the mods can see others data.
 Oh right - those data are on the stats pages, in this case:  http://forums.appleinsider.com/pages/stats/top/range/all/#members
Which results?
It's interesting that it only seems to be non-gays who espouse the view that it is a choice to be gay. I wonder how many of them were themselves conflicted and made a choice not to be, and then assumed that everyone else must have followed the same pattern.
I'm guessing that's a reference to post #4, now at +65.
Good luck trying to buy healthcare directly from the providers. The insurance companies all have nice little deals that allow them to settle your medical bills for a fraction of the billed amounts, but as an individual you are responsible for the full, and comically high, charges.
Free markets work well for many aspects of the economy, but have a nearly fatal flaw for healthcare insurance in the absence of regulatory intervention. The insurance business, in general, works by charging according to risk, and if one is seeking insurance cover for situations arising from personal choice (expensive property, high-risk activities etc.), then it is not unreasonable to expect to pay high premiums. Applied to healthcare, however, that unfortunately penalizes...
I guess if you can't argue successfully that the current situation is bad because the "woeful law", then floating vague, dire warnings about what you "believe" will happen in a couple of years is worth a try.
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