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That's strange - the purchase dates for my machines have always shown as the date I bought them, not the date that the reseller bought them. In any case I don't understand the big issue here - it sounds like they fixed the date in the system and then explained that the error sometimes happens with reseller purchases. So what's the problem - just that she was not friendly enough?
 I think that is likely true for many buyers. My experience (which has been fine) with a Pebble has only reinforced my interest in getting an Apple Watch.
I have the original Pebble Steel, and I have found it to be very functional, if not especially elegant. I'd much rather have an Apple Watch though, both for looks and functionality, but unfortunately I would be unable to wear it to work. So - waiting for enlightenment to bridge the gap between security and technology, or maybe just for the 2nd generation version.
I missed this gem of a post. What on earth is an evolutionary/atheistic organization? Can you name one? Are you laboring under the misapprehension that there is a church of evolution? Silly question, of course you are, you have made that quite clear. But no, as Fred said, real journals and real research organizations do not care what your religion is as long as you are scientifically objective. I have worked with numerous scientists who are religious - they just have to...
There is no need to cite examples because, as I pointed out, they already declared, upfront, that they are not objective, at which point any scientific basis for the journal is immediately destroyed. I suspect that you will not understand that point at all, believing, as you apparently do, that science is no more reliable than religion - or worse in fact - a dishonest scam to discredit the Lord.Is there any chance of getting you to understand that science does not purport...
Oh good lord - just read the name of the poster...
This is an interesting case study in the perversion of science to try to support blatantly unscientific concepts. AIG certainly claim that ARG is a peer-reviewed journal, but even a cursory inspection of their website reveals some interesting admissions:   Firstly, AIG is an acknowledged advocate of literal creationism. No problem with that, however misguided, but when such an organization solicits papers with the single intent of promoting those beliefs, and then has them...
I've been praying all day that one of the mods takes pity on us and locks out this thread. It just isn't working. What am I doing wrong?
OK - so you are clueless about the process and meaning of science too? Once again I'll say that the nonsense you just posted does not deserve a response. You have to be trolling us here, so I'm going to stop responding. No one is as dense as you are pretending to be. 
What does "why" have to do with this argument? You no longer appear to be engaging in good faith (no pun intended) debate here, but rather just playing very poor word games to try to rescue an untenable and stupid starting position. Now it's a belief system because we "believe that we don't believe"? That nonsense does not even deserve to be dignified with a response.
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