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  No - it's easy.  If you turn out to be wrong about this year's budget, just change the subject to the next 10 years' budget instead.
  Good to know.  Thanks for checking it out.
  What is reasonable is for "Christians" (presumably there are no gay Christians in your universe) to express their personal opinions on, and to refrain from, this behavior that they disapprove of. What is not reasonable is to go further and demand that their personal values be imposed on the entire population.   No one is being forced into gay marriage, so rephrasing your statement to remove the obfuscation, you are saying that Christians allowing others to participate...
  So how are you picking and choosing which "personal rights" corporations should have? Is there some method here, or would it just be the ones that you care about?   Your example is irrelevant, since the law does not dictate what businesses must sell, but does include numerous provisions for what businesses must provide for their employees in the way of working conditions, salary, benefits etc..  Are you opposed to all those requirements, or just the ones that intrude on...
  They being who? AI or Good Technology? Good Technology released an analysis of their activations, including some statements on their level of presence in the market, although they probably expected that their target audience would be somewhat knowledgeable about the company. Did you read the report, or just the article? Though even the article mentioned the extent of their market penetration.
  So why don't corporations have all personal rights accorded to individuals?
  Why do you think that corporations should have religious liberties?
  Yes - that's how evolution works too. Compared to any kind of organized structure, completely random, unbelievably slow, and with a lot of dead ends and total failures along the way. Pretty much everything we strive to avoid in civilization. I did enjoy the assumption that millions of minds would all be working to solve the same problem though.
  I was under the impression that Good Technology have a very large share of the enterprise market, so I would have expected their data to be quite representative of that market as a whole. Why do you think otherwise?
  It may be your gold standard, but don't forget that the declaration of independence marked the creation of a system of government fundamentally identical to that which you are objecting to. It was elected, it enacted laws, it levied taxes etc..  And despite the pious proclamation on inalienable rights, it condoned slavery by not condemning it, which rather smokes its claim to the moral high ground.   That said, I do not disagree with the rights that it describes - I...
New Posts  All Forums: