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  OK - well kudos for honesty, anyway.
  No, it's not a red herring either, it's a false conditional if you do not agree with the statement, which I note that you don't.         OK - I do not regard doing that as defending the right, but I notice that your posts are entirely one-sided in that respect. I have never seen you take on the flawed critiques of the left by right-wing elements (which you stated above that you believe to be equally egregious), whether on this board or anywhere else. Why is that, if...
  That was a desperately lame response to his request that you back up your argument with evidence / links that you had claimed to have, but refused to provide.
  Apologies then - I thought that you were dissembling.  I'm perfectly content with the regular definitions that align the GOP as right and the Democrats as left, even though on a geopolitical scale the Democrats may be argued to be centrist or even a little to the right. Either way - they are left of the GOP.
  I'm sorry - I assumed that most readers were aware of the left-right spectrum of political thinking. You should check it out.
  Actually no - that's a conditional (note the "if") derived from your comments that I followed with a hypothesis (below). And are you saying that you don't agree with that statement? Feel free to correct that perception if it is wrong, and you see the right as equally prone to mischaracterize the left.       Do you really think that, aside for your purely libertarian comments, your posts don't almost exclusively attack the left and defend the right? I'm not criticizing...
  If you see the left's characterization of the right as any worse than the right's characterization of the left then I think that is simply indicative of your strong leaning towards the right, which, despite your protests that you are neutral, is clear from most of your posts.
  I'm not really clear what point you are trying to make. Apart from some isolated comments, such as the headline from the highly reputable Salon, I have seen little enthusiasm elsewhere to pin this to an entire ethnic or political group. From your criticisms you seem to be both advocating the assumption that these subjects were radicalized and promoting the view that it should be taken as a reflection on Islam as a whole. Is that correct?   And, if so, is that because...
No, there were 7 amendments under consideration, and the Gallup question above that received 92% support was almost precisely the Manchin & Toomey background checks amendment that failed 54 - 46.
I'm doubtful that there are many people actively hoping that this is domestic terrorism, but I suspect there are many hoping that it was not Islamic-inspired due to fear of the likely resulting backlash.
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