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  Welcome to the forum and thanks for the perspective. The safety net philosophy that you describe is something of an anathema to the right wing of US politics so you may get some less than favorable comments, but sensitivities are definitely raised over here right now.
  No can of worms intended. And I realize that some of the more emerging democracies look fairly right-wing - I was mostly thinking of the established 1st world democracies.
  This brings up an interesting point. Setting aside whether Europe can be categorized as a failed experiment, the "socialist" label deserves some exploration that may shed light on some of the differing views. Are there any national governments anywhere that hardcore Republicans would consider to be conservative, or are the rest of the world's democracies almost exclusively socialist by their standards?
  I think that this is the key problem with the polls that you trusted. Statistical correction for known demographic parameters (age, race etc.) is relatively simple and defensible. Statistical correction for voter turnout is based on a poorly known parameter set because it is hard to measure intentions and hard to distinguish failure to vote from failure to support. Those pollsters who simply used historical turnout data did quite well for the most part. The other...
  Yes - that is what I would do. It presents no risk from outside your LAN.
  And yet you presented absolutely nothing to refute his arguments. Pure ad hominem attack.
  I disagree - that is exactly what you are arguing - that the Republican support in the election was less than you expected and thus the results look skewed. In the polls you believed that was due to oversampling of Democrats that should have been statistically corrected, which was an assumption in itself, and in the election you believe that it is due to voters who would have voted Republican not showing up to vote, which is another, different assumption. So you are...
  Very clever - I did not realize that you could set up a squid on OSX.
  This argument has at least consistency of theme, but it's hard to support in the larger context. First it was the polls that were skewed, and now you are arguing, effectively, that the election was similarly skewed. You could always blame the pollsters for the polls, but what now - you blame the Republican voters for not voting. But hang on - if the polls indicated less Republican support than you expected, and then fewer votes were cast for the Republican candidate in...
  It also dropped in 1988 and 1996.
New Posts  All Forums: