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  It's a bit misleading to think about it like that.  Light signals in optical fibers are not modulated like radio transmissions - they are just gated - and the data rate limitations are due to the frequency response of the electro-optical components (transmitters and receivers), not the inherent bandwidth of the light itself. 
  I know that you believe strongly in a completely free market, but you really do run the risk of simply being dismissive rather than addressing the points.  For example, you started by quoting McCloskey, with no reasoned defense of her position, and then dismissed a quote from Smith with no reasoned argument other than an assertion that he was wrong about other things.  And if one substitutes the word "idealized" for "Utopian", which I think is what was meant, then the...
  The Telegraph, great newspaper though it may be, is not an authoritative source and does not appear to cite the source of its data. Not that it invalidates the observation that cheap, dumb, cell phones probably did, indeed, sell in huge quantities. - far more than the current smartphones.
  I wasn't commenting on its accuracy, just noting that the aptly named poster had discovered Wikipedia.
  He's referring to the old Nokia 1110, which Wikipedia lists as having sold 250M.
  These commentators are no more representative of the mainstream GOP than Islamic terrorists are of Muslims in general. Hopefully they are also less dangerous, although that depends on their message continuing to be ignored. I'm not sure whether ridicule, amusing and well deserved though it may be, helps or hinders that goal.
  Thanks for saying that but I can't claim credit for it - it is a simple statement of fact in respect of all theories.       Well I'm not quite sure what you mean. There are no presumptions involved in a theory, which is simply an empirical explanation based on observation.  Theorems have presumptions, generally known as axioms, but they are quite different constructs, since they are deductive (from the axioms) rather than empirically derived from observation. Similarly,...
  No - I'm simply saying that the theory is consistent with all observations of data that it pertains to. In fact it has been directly observed in studies of short-lived, fast-breeding species, but since that is not broad evidence I'm happy to leave it out. And just to be clear - this has nothing to do with interpretation - the methodology simply involves making observations and then checking whether or not they are consistent with the theory. So far, all observations...
  It has been tested by verifying that the observed current array of plant and animal life is consistently derived from the observed historical record of life by the processes described in the theory of evolution. To date, as far as I know, there have been no discoveries that contradict the theory. And I'm not really clear what the dispute is here - do you not believe that generic methodology to represent an adequate test of a hypothesis, do you accept that methodology...
  I'd have to disagree with the statement that we are getting closer every day. While technically that may be true, the rate of progress towards a controllable, energy-positive, practicable fusion process is very slow, and the end is nowhere in sight. Fission, on the other hand, if done carefully, is very safe. The Japanese version was very careless.
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