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Ah - interesting. How did you know to go looking in that thread? Anyway - his objection there was also incorrect, although not for the specific reasons given. It's a pretty common tactic, in the absence of a reasonable argument, simply to attempt to derail the issue under discussion.
 Sorry but TS is correct.  The clause in question is properly formed, and the meaning is clear.
 What is it that you don't get about the concept of cost-benefit tradeoff, or are you just being argumentative? You already agreed that removing one potential failure point (the socket) must increase reliability to some extent, as well as reducing manufacturing cost. No one disagrees that replaceable and upgradeable RAM is advantageous to some degree, probably mostly in the high-end part of the market where upgradeability has always been more highly valued. Failure of...
That's definitely my experience, based on many years and many devices. Reliability seems to be significantly improved.
 Agreed, and I would also expect that designing a device that is easy to disassemble and repair leads to higher manufacturing costs and hinders miniaturization. Definitely a tradeoff.
If you haven't already done so, try a "Reset All Settings".
 Maybe, but many significant others will already know the existing passcode to unlock the phone anyway.  I'll bet this turns out to be another very infrequent occurrence.
 They all seem to send an email or text to warn/verify, but that is in addition to requiring more than just access to the account holder email. With PayPal, for example, you can request a password change, but that just locks the account completely until you go to their website and provide additional verification data. Once you do that successfully, the password is changed and a notification email is sent. Anything less than that is negligently insecure on the part of the...
Lots of sad analyst self-justification for completely missing the mark, as expected.
 Lots of people used to hold BlackBerrys like that and inadvertently cover the ridiculously placed microphone hole.
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