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  Only in as much as he appears to be saying that he doesn't think that we know, from a scientific perspective, the age of the earth. Obama's answer was to a specific question about what he would tell his daughter about creation, so it's not clear to me that he is claiming to be unaware of the scientific explanation. I hope not, anyway.
  Just to be clear on something here - when a parent tells a child about Santa Claus - which technically constitutes lying to the child, are you condemning that as wrong? And it does not, in any case, appear that Obama's answer places any constraints on the age of the earth or how long it took to create, so I'm not clear where this argument is going anyway relative to the original criticism of Rubio.
  You deduced the sad state of society from that one post? Outstanding. Or has my hypothesis been confirmed?
  I wasn't commenting on Hamas, just that those involved may not have known what happened and the international reporting may have been in good faith. I didn't comment on the other events because I think you summed those up correctly.
  That's most unfortunate. However, just for completeness, if you follow the links you end up at the Sunday Telegraph news article that reported this issue.     It is possible that while this incident was wrongly attributed, it was not done so intentionally as has been suggested.
Is there any functionality in the software to allow the reply window size to be increased? It's about right for the iPhone, but smaller than I would like to see on the iPad.
  Well for perspective, let's consider your "response relevant to the thread" that I took issue with. You deliberately inverted another poster's declared position, and then belittled that position. I called you on it. Which of us made the less relevant contribution again?
  I disagree with this generalization. I spent 30 years living in a European country with free health care - and while some non-urgent procedures are certainly easier to get quickly in the US, the picture that you paint is not accurate.       What is perhaps more pertinent to the discussion is what happens if a citizen walks in with a broken leg and has no insurance or means to pay. It will get fixed, no doubt, but the financial consequences will likely be severe.
  That's the last time I'm voting for him. Or does he lie to his daughters too. I think we should be told...
New Posts  All Forums: