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Apps, that rely on a cellular or WiFi connection is not the same as being able to receive over the air broadcasts. It is about having choices should one thing become unavailable. If Apps are so great why do people have their digital music on their phone too? Again, it's about choices.
It is portable. Which means you have it in your hands. Why not set the light level then?   Instead you take it out of your hands and then put your phone in your hand to control the light level.   This is called progress.
"We are working hard at cutting down trees that grow faster with more CO2 so that we can install solar panels. Solar panels that are conveniently made in China where it is easier to make them because the environmental regulations in China are lower than the rest of the world."   "These actions make Apple environmentally friendly."
How about him using some of his money to make the XMac so many of us want?
I've never seen anyone in a store like the ones they show in the commercials. Walking up to check out with their phone in their hand. People keep them in their pocket or purse. They use their hands to carry what they are buying or to unload their shopping cart and place them on the counter.   Only then do people get out whatever method of payment they want to use. At that point there isn't a huge difference in the amount of time it takes to use phone card or cash.
Sounds like a lot of people need to look up "tin whiskers".   And no person has ever been lead poisoned from every day use of any electrical or electronic device that has solder with lead in it.
Tax breaks. The real reason Apple is wasting money on expensive, unreliable, inefficient "green" energy.
Stanford University calculated the amount of energy used to create every solar panel ever made and the amount of energy produced by all of those solar panels. We might reach the break even point by 2018.   More importantly, California is in a drought. Studies have shown that California has had drought of up to 240 years long in the past. Where is all the water going to come from to keep all these solar panels clean so that they produce electricity?
And that is because of the movie studios.For many movies the studios demand 100% from ticket sales for the first two weeks the movies are out.The only money the theater makes is off of concessions.
Of course the non upgrade mini upgrade isn't finding comfort with many of the loyal customer base.
New Posts  All Forums: