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Tax breaks. The real reason Apple is wasting money on expensive, unreliable, inefficient "green" energy.
Stanford University calculated the amount of energy used to create every solar panel ever made and the amount of energy produced by all of those solar panels. We might reach the break even point by 2018.   More importantly, California is in a drought. Studies have shown that California has had drought of up to 240 years long in the past. Where is all the water going to come from to keep all these solar panels clean so that they produce electricity?
And that is because of the movie studios.For many movies the studios demand 100% from ticket sales for the first two weeks the movies are out.The only money the theater makes is off of concessions.
Of course the non upgrade mini upgrade isn't finding comfort with many of the loyal customer base.
 Hey, if you don't want to get work and make money it's no skin off my teeth.There are plenty of industries and trades that have specifications that still require record documentation to be stored and delivered on optical disc.I'm reviewing the specs on a new construction job right now.Smaller companies can't afford server farms and hard copy is too bulky.But flash drives aren't the way to go either. Too many different sizes and more difficult to store and file because of...
Because there are still some people that don't like having to carry around an additional piece of equipment when it can easily be built in.
 Uh, yes they do. http://store.apple.com/us-hed/buy-mac/mac-mini
 Not the cable companies. It's the channel owners. They hold the providers and the viewer hostage."Oh, you want our popular channels with the hit shows on them?""Well, you have to take our crap channels too or no deal." So we are stuck with channels that are mostly infomercials or shopping, etc.Same reason you get all those Spanish channels you can't understand.If they had to survive on actual viewers the channel owners would find them unprofitable.They would either have...
Hey Tim. It's a natural cycle. It last about 65-70 years. The rate of warming between the recent cycle and the last one was identical. The 50s, 60s and 70s were cooler than the 80s, 90s and 2000s. But there has been no increase in the temperature anomaly in 17 years. So we are heading into the cooling half of the cycle once again. Weather was more severe and more extreme in the COOLER 50s-70s than it was during the warmer 80s-2000s. Since the mid 70s the number of...
Perhaps what we need is Miracle Max.
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