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Let's cover the US with inefficient wind turbines to run all the inefficient wireless chargers. Utopia!
Except some of us aren't about to buy any iPhones or iPads until Apple has a computer we want to spend money on.
I would gladly pay $1500 for that kind of a Mac.
"You are now entering a bad neighborhood. Lock your car doors." "Fast Freddie's corner is just ahead. He has the best weed."
HPs Z1 all in one allows easy and full access to all the components. If HP can bring similar innovation to the rest of its products it could improve its sales. It will never be another Apple as long as it uses Windows but it could improve. I hope Apple takes a look at the Z1 and realize that there are people using OSX that would like to have easy to open Macs.
User replaceable batteries would allow a person to remove the battery if it seemed to be causing a problem thus saving the phone.
This is the type of product Apple used to be known for, features that actually make it easier for the owner/user. Options and an easy to open case. Today Apple only cares about "the look" and has taken it so far that Apple is removing features from its computers. The Z1 is the iMac I could see my self owning if there is a matte screen option. In my opinion Apple just got its "design ass" handed to them on a platter. Apple used to be known for innovation. Who ever thought...
I've never wanted a laptop. Too many at home limitations to go along with the portability. But an iPad is a game changer for me. At first I felt the same way about the iPad but I'm starting to warm up to one. But I've got to have the desktop I need if Apple ever expects me to own an iPad.
Only thing I would be looking forward to is an XMac.
I hated the old buy one get second one half off sales tactic that JCPenney used to have. I was shopping less at JCP and more at Kohl's. Now I have noticed that Kohl's has started buy one get second one half off. That will keep me from shopping at Kohl's.
New Posts  All Forums: