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Choices? Especially if the case was designed to make it fast and simple to change or upgrade drives. And it wouldn't be overlap to those of us that will never purchase an all in one but want something that is more than the mini but isn't as big or expensive as the Pro. There is an entire category of user that Apple is ignoring. Now some of that category give in and buy a Mac that doesn't meet their hardware needs because they want OSX so badly. Others hold out or decide to...
I have never been interested in laptops. To use at home like a desktop I would have to add a full size keyboard and monitor. I might as well get a desktop. But what I could see me doing in the future is buying an iPad. If I have a good desktop computer first. Of course my idea of a good desktop is something that is easy to get into, has a little bit of expansion and let's me choose the monitor of my choice. But Apple only offers those capabilities at the starting price of...
How come you get it but Apple doesn't?
[QUOTE=cy_starkman;2048628][QUOTE=anthropic;2048593]I still can't believe in this day and age that privacy is an issue, you have none, the government knows everything, Apple knows EVERYTHING, Micro$oft knows EVERYTHING, now Google also know EVERYTHING.Acronym. An anagram is making different words with the same letters. Like taking the words debit card and rearranging the letters to create the words bad credit. Today's lesson is brought to you by the acronym FYI.
They can merge it, converge it, call it whatever they want and use whatever processor they want. Just build an XMac to run it on!
XMac! I can dream can't I?
You just coined a new term Wizard.It is the lack of internal flexibility that keeps many of us from wanting to own a mini or an iMac. That is why we have been screaming for a mid sized XMac.What we really want is a FleXMac.
Yet Apple puts ports on the front of the Mac Pro. And some consumers pony up for the Mac Pro just because it has features like ports on the front and an easy to open case. Apple has decided that there is only one type of consumer. The type that wants form over function. But then it admits (sort of) that form over function doesn't really work and sells the Mac Pro. Mac Pro puts function over form yet stills manages to have a great looking form. Apple could design and sell...
That would be the perfect Mac for me. Apple used the slogan, "Which Mac are you?" I wrote them and told them I was the mini tower they aren't building.
I really hated the stupid "buy one get second 50% off" sales gimmick JCPenney has. How about offering one at 25% off instead? Then when I don't feel like I'm being forced to get something I don't want I might look at more items then what I came into the store for and actually buy something else also. And the amount of clothes that would interest middle aged guys like me has been reduced. There is little to choose from. Most of the clothes is stuff teenagers and college...
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