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I'm actually holding off on purchases of any other Apple products while I wait for the Mac desktop that meets my needs. (I don't need a Xeon Mac Pro but I need something that has some expansion like the Mac Pro case just not as big.) I see no reason to support Apple financially buying their other products that I don't find as necessary to own while I can't get the one product I really wish to have.
What mini model was ever big enough for the current two hard drives and an optical drive? Your solution is for me to give up something in order to get something. Apple has already done that.
Make it large enough to offer an open drive slot to allow the option of an internal optical drive for those of us that use it.  
Back in 2004 I was taking drafting and GIS courses. One project I did was to take an actual rail car chlorine spill and model it using software. I then showedhow that spill would have affected my own city. I even contacted the EPA for information on the size and location of the hole in the tank car. In doing on line research on tank cars (size, volume, thickness) some sites had all the information available. Some sites (railroad companies) had removed the information...
I'm looking at it from the opposite end. It won't be death but I see tablets taking a huge bite out of laptop sales. I have never wanted or needed a laptop. I've always been a desktop guy. But the iPad is making me think that a portable tablet would be a nice supplement to a desktop computer. When and if Apple ever gets on the ball and offers a mini tower. I refuse to get locked into something that has no expansion and is hard to open. I'm an adult. I don't need a...
I knew there was a reason I use a desktop computer.
They are currently doing a good job in regards to the Mac Pro.
So where is the XMac? A little cannibalization is good right? In my case it wouldn't even be cannibalization because I will never buy an iMac. If I ever get the mid range mid sized desktop computer that fits my needs then I will consider Apple's other products.
Junkyard states it very well. Apple seems a little bi polar. Design great looking personal computers. But totally ignores that user that needs some expansion. So then we have to clutter up that great looking Mac with cables and external drives. Why did Apple spend the money making them look good? Yes I could buy a Mac Pro but I don't need that much computer. What's wrong with an easy to open mid range desktop with some expansion?   I have used Macs for 20 years. I do not...
The stores are crowded because people come in and play on the computers. What Apple needs is to make their stores like McDonald's. Have the "Playland" separate from the part of the store where buyers are.
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