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Want to make a lower cost iMac?   Offer one WITHOUT the screen. Some of us want a DESKTOP processor in a desktop Mac. Instead Apple us a laptop without a screen in the mini.
 Good. So where's the xMac?
 Can I print that up on some T-shirts?
 I like the way you think.
 Isn't most fiber 50 and 62.5 micron? Would a common fusion splicer even work on this 80 micron Thunderbolt fiber?
 Assembled here. Big difference.Think of it as Taco Bell.All the food is made somewhere else. Your taco and burrito are only assembled at your local restaurant.Except with Apple all the food plants are in China.
Soon they will develop a diagnostic device and call it the iProd.
I was hoping they would use the voices from Uli's Moose.
Just please don't suggest BPL. Broadband over Power Lines is nothing but a headache.   What are overhead power lines? Antennas. Since the industry does not want to limit the frequencies used all that happens is the airwaves get polluted with noise and interference. This affects military, commercial and ham radio communications.
 We were all outside.
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