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I would love to see Apple come out with a taller mini. One that has charging docks on top for iPhones and iPods. Heck, maybe even a pair of small built in speakers that can be used with your docked iPod to listen to music. If you aren't using your computer why have it on just to listen to music? And if such a device were ever to be made design it with enough space and a blank cover for those of us that do still use optical media. A nice complete compact package for...
Why can't they lose something interesting like a headless iMac or XMac?
I refuse to do anything about it? So what am I supposed to do? Give up, dump Apple and move to Windows? And no, I don't know why they won't build something that many Mac users and fans are asking for. Apple has a product gap and ought to be intelligent enough to realize it is losing sales because of it. Please tell me how to convince Apple to fill its product gap. I have written letters. I have tried to do something about it. It's my fault Apple won't listen to me and lots...
If an XMac shows up the answer is a resounding YES!
Which position does Steve have to resign for Apple to finally make an XMac?
Message to Tim, Please get working on a XMac. There are lots of us that need something between the mini and the Pro that doesn't have a built in screen.
I would gladly pay a premium above and beyond the price of an iMac to get a headless iMac in an easy open case. Put the $1200 iMac sans screen in a mid size case and I would pay $1500 for it. Apple makes an extra $300 and saves what the screen would have cost them. See, an easy open case big enough for two hard drives and an optical drive and the choice of what kind of monitor are features not negatives.
Cube? You would think he would make the building lower.
First and second definitions in Websters: 1: of, relating to, or based on a module or a modulus 2: constructed with standardized units or dimensions for flexibility and variety in use So again, show me the other matching devices that Apple sells that are meant to go along with the mini. There aren't any and there are no third party devices that meet definition two.
Please show me the modular pieces. Nothing is modular. Nothing matches. Not in size, shape, form, color, or materials. Look up the definition of modular then get back with us. I'm still amazed at the number of people who praise the look, feel and design of Apple products but then turn around and don't understand why some of us want to have internal capacity so that the Apple product we bought doesn't get surrounded by stuff that doesn't match. Here's a car for all of...
New Posts  All Forums: