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Apple, please make a Mac that is about the size of that RAID system. Perfect size for a Mac between the Mini and the Pro.
Sounds like they didn't do their homework. Is Apple caring too little for the professional? Consumerism is great because you can sell lots of stuff but it sure seems to mess up lots of good things.
And I'd rather give my money to Apple then to any PC maker. but I still want a Mac between the Mini and the Mac Pro. I want Apple to make some money selling me a headless mid range Mac.
You don't have teenage daughters do you? It is amazing how many times they will watch movies over and over.
Apple has to try to maximize savings. It's not like Apple has $70 billion sitting around or anything. Oh, wait. Does anyone think Apple will drop the price 3%?
Exactly. We want a mid sized headless Mac that offers some internal expansion so that it can be customized to our needs or desires. That's the whole point. We feel that Apple is putting limitations on the Mac consumer. We can't all afford $2500 to have a computer that offers the ability to be customized. I freely admit that if the money wasn't an issue I would buy a Mac Pro. Not because I need everything it offers but because it is the only Mac that offers me the chance to...
They could spend a little bit of it developing a XMac. Just a suggestion.
Personally I hope the Mac Pro survives. Even though I have no need for that much computer only the Mac Pro seems to be built with any sensibility to ease of use. Only the Mac Pro has some jacks on the front where they are easy to reach. Only the Mac Pro has enough room in it so you aren't going to be worried about heat. (I'm not saying the Mini and iMac run too hot, just that plenty of Mini and iMac owners worry about heat) and only the Mac Pro has a case that is easy to...
Apple is selling lots of those things. But I'm completely disinterested until I have the one product I really want and feel I really need. Until I'm able to spend my hard earned money on the computer I want why should I spend any of my hard earned money on other Apple products that only compliment (go with) a desktop computer. I can't see me doing everything I want to do on an iPad. So I need that desktop computer. iPod? Can I rip the CD's and DVDs I have without using a...
New Posts  All Forums: