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Except for being able to get the screen of your choice. And having a computer that is easier to open and replace parts. To me those are very big reasons to desire a mid range tower.Now with pads and tablets and smart phones one could argue that the time for a non expandable all in one computer is gone.I won't be buying an iMac. But if iMac processing power was available in a mini tower I would pay more for that choice without a monitor than what an iMac would cost me.I...
$1400 Mac Pro towers yes. $1400 iMac based tower sounds like just the computer I'm looking for.
That would be a nice machine. Since I do CAD and don't do it in the field this is the type of Mac I wish Apple would get a clue about.
Same here. I will also go so far as to say that I like and prefer devices that are not real small. Even my teenage kids have mentioned that some things like the newest iPods are getting too small for ease of use.
But I thought we were supposed to embrace the cloud and throw away all physical media and bask in the glory of an unlimited high speed utopia forever?
Or they could have very simply made the Mini a little bit taller which would have allowed for the upgrades and keeping the optical drive. And a taller case would have improved air flow and heat dissipation.
I can pull just about any set of specs on installation jobs we do and they all call for copies of the Operations and Maintenance Manuals to also be provided on disc. They are relatively flat and are easily inserted into the 3 ring binders of the manuals. A flash drive isn't as thin and costs more than a disc.
With that kind of statement I guess Apple should kill off the iMac line. You can get stand alone monitors and external hard drives. Why make all in ones?
You would have thought Apple would have put the SD slot and half of the jacks on the front so they would be easier to use now that they got rid of the optical drive.
Sorry, no there's not. With my eyesight I have problems with glare. I've even gone to doctors because of it. No matte screen means no iMac.
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