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But I thought we were supposed to embrace the cloud and throw away all physical media and bask in the glory of an unlimited high speed utopia forever?
Or they could have very simply made the Mini a little bit taller which would have allowed for the upgrades and keeping the optical drive. And a taller case would have improved air flow and heat dissipation.
I can pull just about any set of specs on installation jobs we do and they all call for copies of the Operations and Maintenance Manuals to also be provided on disc. They are relatively flat and are easily inserted into the 3 ring binders of the manuals. A flash drive isn't as thin and costs more than a disc.
With that kind of statement I guess Apple should kill off the iMac line. You can get stand alone monitors and external hard drives. Why make all in ones?
You would have thought Apple would have put the SD slot and half of the jacks on the front so they would be easier to use now that they got rid of the optical drive.
Sorry, no there's not. With my eyesight I have problems with glare. I've even gone to doctors because of it. No matte screen means no iMac.
The trouble is that Apple doesn't have anything mid range for me to spend more money on. Now in order to have an internal optical drive I have to jump up to professional grade and shell out $2499.
No optical drive now puts my last hope on a lower end Mac Pro. Not that I can afford it. Apple just doesn't seem to understand the beauty of internal devices which is odd considering how much effort it puts into the look of its products. Apple really wants us to hide their designs behind third party external devices? I just don't get it. Apple really needs an XMac now.
No. That's called Cover Your Ass and trying to save face. Apple was known for "It Just Works". Lot's of people moved to Apple products for that reason. Apple products were powerful. Buyers knew that professionals used Macs and Apple software. Movie goers knew that Apple products were cool enough to make the movies they were watching on the big screen. That's a lot of PR for Apple. Now with the release of FCPX and the backlash from the professionals this entire PR image is...
So people were wrong in assuming that the Pro in the name Final Cut Pro X actually stood for professional? Apple must use a pretty interesting dictionary for them to not think Pro means Pro.
New Posts  All Forums: