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I have only bought Macs but I find nothing below the Mac Pro I really want to purchase. I certainly don't need a Mac Pro but I want more than what the Mini offers. And all in ones just don't trip my trigger but that is the only mid range choice Apple is willing to offer me. I'd gladly pay $1499 for iMac parts in a mid size case big enough for two hard drives and an optical drive that is easy to open and easy to swap drives and memory. And please put some easy to reach...
I like internal devices. I like to back up my data. I use an optical drive. I want to use the monitor I already have. Show me a Mac other than the Mac Pro that has room for two internal hard drives, an optical drive and lets me use the monitor I have. The Mac Pro does have a couple of features going for it that no other Mac does. It is easy to open and has some jacks on the front. Apple has traded in function over form and is throwing designs at us that have components...
If Apple offered a stack-able component system Mac Mini I would probably never complain about the lack of a mid sized Mac again.
It's not just the money it is the size. Why buy twice the computer I need by getting the Mac Pro? Why buy half the computer I need by getting the Mini? I need and want the Mac that ought to be filling the gap between the two of them. But Apple keeps throwing the limitations of an all in one at me instead of offering a real choice.
Maybe they don't sell as many desktops because they refuse to sell the right type of desktop. I do not want or need portability so no laptop or iPad for me. I do not like all in ones and the limitations that come with them so no iMac for me. The Mini is $699 does not meet my needs. The Mac Pro is $2499 and huge and costs a lot of money. Were is the $1500 product that fits in that gap? The iMac isn't it. I have plenty of money for a Mac that meets my needs. I don't have...
Except for those of us that hate all in ones and will never buy all in ones. What is mid sized by having to go with a 27 inch screen in order to have the fastest processor? That's not mid sized. That's big! Not everyone wants or needs a huge screen. What I want and need is an easy to open Mac that has room for two internal hard drives and an optical drive and has some jacks and slots on the front like the Mac Pro that lets me use the monitor I already have. That is mid...
So much for Apple's "Back to the Mac" slogan, huh?
Not for me. I'm still looking for the mid sized Mac I want. Without the Apple computer that meets my needs I'm not about to spend money on any of Apple's other products. I'm an 18 year Mac user waiting for my next Mac. Only then will I begin to take a look at anything else from Apple.
Apple, You have had enough time. Where the hell is the mid sized mid range desktop Mac (not all in one) already?
I wish Apple would make a Mac the size of that RAID.
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