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No. But I sure as hell don't want a computer bigger than my old PowerMac G4. I just want an easy to get into Mac that has room for two hard drives and an optical drive where I can use the monitor I already have. It's crazy that in order to get something that simple you have to spend $2500.
Without a mid range monitor-less Mac I'm close to saying goodbye to Apple after 18 years. No amount of portable/mobile products will make me want a glossy screen all in one. Apple needs a new cube with more features than what you get on an iMac or mini.
Greenpeace doesn't like that coal is what is providing Apple with electricity. It has nothing to do with Apple in particular. http://www.guardian.co.uk/environmen...n-tech-companyNo, we want to know that we are using the cheapest most dependable energy sources.
Next from Apple. The iSnorkle.
I want to read the chapter on why there isn't an XMac.
The iToy moniker is now official. But I guess it was bound to happen. Geoffrey the Giraffe sure isn't able to use a keyboard or mouse. But a touch screen is something he could possibly work.
Maybe she got tired of waiting to market the xMac.
SO instead of large bulky workstations you offer the solution of lots of external devices all over the place and a bunch of extra cables lying every which way. And yes I purposely wrote it to describe a messy looking desk. Why? Because external devices aren't the same size or shape and lots of them don't stack well. I'd even be willing to bet that the owner's manuals for lots of external devices tell you not to stack because of cooling concerns. I'll take internal...
And he admits that he doesn't really need it. But that doesn't mean he doesn't want it. Perhaps he is looking for a Mac that is easy to open and offers internal expandability. The Mac Pro is the only Mac that offers those two things. Apple has created a secondary market for the Mac Pro beyond those that really need it by not offering an easy to open mid range Mac. If someone has the bucks to spend on the Mac Pro why not buy it?
So every piece of software is available for both platforms? Even some that are available aren't equal in capability and features. Mac users were really rejoicing about Autocad for OSX until they found out that Autodesk cut out some things for the Mac version. Then a lot of them said why buy the Mac version.
New Posts  All Forums: