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That argument is getting weaker all the time. Windows isn't as bad as it used to be. I would love to stay with OSX and am even willing to accept the "Apple tax". But purchasing a computer design that I don't want is something I won't do. Apple has a huge gap between the $699 mini and the $2499 Pro. An all in one doesn't fill that gap. Apple needs to realize that Windows has closed the gap and some are close to jumping ship to get a computer that has the features they...
I don't see that it does. Even though each of us has a slightly different idea on what an XMac should be two things seem to be on everyones wish list.Internal expansion in an easy open case that is quite a bit smaller than a Mac Pro. No built in screen. TB will not correct these short comings on either the iMac or the mini. Now that everyone is abbreviating Thunderbolt as TB I wonder what marketing genius came up with this name. Last year one of my co workers had TB and we...
This made me think of a stackable component Mac mini design I saw several years ago. Can't remember if it was here or somewhere else. You buy what you need or want, you only have to live with the size you really use instead of having a really big case and it all matches.
I wish you really were a wizard because I would like an XMac too.
Trying to force built in screens on everyone?
I was at the Apple store in Austin at The Domain yesterday and they didn't even have one mini on display. They had the Apple TV next to the Mac Pro. Makes me wonder if an update is in the cards or not.
But Apple does appear to be happy with people buying third party external drives that do not match its carefully designed products. External drives that are necessary because Apple does not have a mid sized mid range expandable Mac. Apple can't have it both ways. If its designs are so important that the monitor must match then it needs to admit that the design is important enough to have an XMac so that its designs aren't hidden behind non matching external drives.
Yes. For those of us that already have a monitor. Give us the iMac guts in an easy open case. Room for two hard drives, optical drive and enough RAM. Nothing special but something you don't need putty knives or special tools to do the simple things. Apple trusts the Mac Pro buyers to give them an easy open case so why not for the rest of us? I've been using Macs for 18 years and have an old G4PowerMac that needs replacing. But I really don't want the huge size of the Mac...
Hear, Hear!! Bravo, Bravo. Now if only Apple could be convinced I would no longer have this wad of money burning a hole in my pocket. .................................................. ....... A very frustrated 18 year Mac user.
I have been puzzled over the lack of an XMac. Apple goes to such trouble designing good looking products and then is apparently okay with people having non matching external drives hooked up to them because they won't build something in a size between the mini and the Mac Pro.
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