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But without that mid range product Apple is losing sales whether it admits it or not. The numbers may be small but they are real. Every Hackintosh is a lost sale (at least the hardware part of it). Not every one of those would have bought a mid range Mac but some of them would have. I've been using Macs for close to 20 years. But I find that my computer needs do not fit within Apple's current product line up. So what does Apple want me to do? Buy an all in one even though...
I think the Cube was before its time. Back then enough horsepower couldn't be squeezed into a package that small. But today the horsepower of the iMac could be put into a cube sized Mac. But I must agree with your statement that it needs to be designed for serviceability. And a mid range Mac (the type of Mac I want) could lead to more overall sales. After this weekend messing with my mother in laws Windows PC I was thinking how either a mini or iMac might be a good...
Doesn't matter one bit what they've done with the iMac. I'll never buy an all in one. The mini is below my needs and the Mac Pro is overkill. So with its current offerings Apple has separated this buyer into a clear category that Apple doesn't have. I would gladly pay $1500 for a Mac the size pictured above.
Yeah, yeah. But will this growth make Apple come out with a mid sized Mac? I don't see too many businesses willing to take a chance on all in ones for its most important computers. It's easy to go grab any monitor to keep running. Having to do without a business computer when it has to be sent out to fix the built in monitor is not something I would want to do. The Mac Pro is overkill for lots of normal business use but the mini has certain limitations that restrict its use.
Some of us want the mini to get bigger. Some of us like internal storage. But lots of us can't afford to chunk out $2499 for the mac Pro just to get a little bit of easy to access internal space. I'm hoping that Apple wakes up this time and offers something in between the mini and the Pro.
Perhaps I like the cleanliness and organization of having things internal. Why buy a nice looking Mac computer that Apple has spent lots of time making look nice and then attaching non matching third party drives to it? I like having two drives so I can back up data in case a drive dies. I have CD's and DVD's that are perfectly good to use in the home so why should I spend the time and energy ripping (which I still need a drive for anyway) when I can just use them with an...
CRT's have a slight curve to the glass. Makes a difference on how bad reflections are. Just like you can always tell fake glasses on shows and movies from the reflection off the flat glass. Real glasses have curved glass. Much less reflection. But I'm fine with the iMac having glossy screens. Because I don't like all in ones and won't buy one. What I want is a desktop between the mini and the Pro where I can use the monitor I already have.
Not just the screen. The complete lack of a mid sized, mid range desktop computer that does not have a built in screen. I do not like all in ones. Period. I'll never buy one. I do not want to lose features that I believe are very basic. Two internal hard drives and an optical drive. The only computer Apple makes that offers these very basic features is the $2499 Mac Pro. That's a high price to pay for basics. I don't want a computer bigger than my PowerMac G4. The Mac Pro...
No. But I sure as hell don't want a computer bigger than my old PowerMac G4. I just want an easy to get into Mac that has room for two hard drives and an optical drive where I can use the monitor I already have. It's crazy that in order to get something that simple you have to spend $2500.
Without a mid range monitor-less Mac I'm close to saying goodbye to Apple after 18 years. No amount of portable/mobile products will make me want a glossy screen all in one. Apple needs a new cube with more features than what you get on an iMac or mini.
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