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So much for Apple's "Back to the Mac" slogan, huh?
Not for me. I'm still looking for the mid sized Mac I want. Without the Apple computer that meets my needs I'm not about to spend money on any of Apple's other products. I'm an 18 year Mac user waiting for my next Mac. Only then will I begin to take a look at anything else from Apple.
Apple, You have had enough time. Where the hell is the mid sized mid range desktop Mac (not all in one) already?
I wish Apple would make a Mac the size of that RAID.
Same here. I really want just a little more than the Mini offers but I don't need a Mac Pro. I'd like Apple to fill the gap between the two but I'm not very hopeful. Kind of a bummer to have to make lots of hardware compromises in order to stay with the OS I want to use.
If Apple wants more businesses using Macs then it is going to have to build an xMac. If I was running a business and wanted to switch to Macs what am I supposed to buy? iMacs? Businesses don't need fancy screens. (Talking regular office stuff) Mini's? Maybe but most businesses would want a computer that is quick and easy to open. Most regular offices don't have putty knives laying around. Pro? Not for regular business. Too much money. Not filling that gap between the mini...
Pickups and SUV's are still 50% of the vehicle market. While Nissan is struggling to get anyone to buy its all electric Leaf. Nissan has sold maybe 1000 in the US and the year is almost half over. That's not an impressive showing for new technology. Desktop sales have slowed because there are fewer people that no longer have one. But computers still age. There will always be a market because people will always need to buy new ones. And as stated elsewhere, as more people...
We are starting to get the point and we are starting to move on. Only we are moving to Hackintoshes or Windows machines since Apple doesn't have the type of product we want.
[QUOTE=Carmissimo;1869267 I don't agree that a mid-range desktop would fail to impact Mini sales. It would devastate them. Same money but far more performance. Do the math. Trumping the Mini would be insanely easy for Apple to do. [/QUOTE] Price point is the key. If Apple were to come out with a mid range Mac I doubt it would lower iMac sales more than 15%. Why? There are too many consumers, people who just buy computers or other products without doing much in the way...
But without that mid range product Apple is losing sales whether it admits it or not. The numbers may be small but they are real. Every Hackintosh is a lost sale (at least the hardware part of it). Not every one of those would have bought a mid range Mac but some of them would have. I've been using Macs for close to 20 years. But I find that my computer needs do not fit within Apple's current product line up. So what does Apple want me to do? Buy an all in one even though...
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