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It's not like any of the actual components are being built in Texas. It's all Chinese parts just being assembled in the US.
 Or at least lower the price.If they can update other products AND lower the price they should at least be able to lower the price on the same old mini.
Perhaps it isn't Macs they are looking at.   New products for new markets or niches. Lot's of other variety of apples to use for names.   Some apple varieties and possible products.   Beacon - tracking device Beautiful Arcade - gaming computer Pilot - navigation aid Revival - CPR device   And the Yellow Transparent apple is also known as the Glass apple. Has to be something with the Apple stores.    
CO2 is plant food and plants grow faster and stronger with more CO2 and are also more water efficient and drought tolerant.   Where Apple wasn't being green is when it bulldozed all those acres of trees to install solar panels.
The Macbook Air got a boost and $100 knocked off. Can't Apple at least knock $100 of the current mini while we wait for an update?
Why? Isn't the mini basically a laptop without a screen?So why not an iMac without a screen?
Want to make a lower cost iMac?   Offer one WITHOUT the screen. Some of us want a DESKTOP processor in a desktop Mac. Instead Apple us a laptop without a screen in the mini.
 Good. So where's the xMac?
 Can I print that up on some T-shirts?
 I like the way you think.
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