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  Just today another municipality I deal with informed me that fire alarm plans must now be delivered not just in hard copy but also on optical disc. Hard copies take up a lot of space. But still, file cabinets for discs is cheaper than servers and the electricity to run them. Not everyone in the US has the benefit of huge tax bases for infrastructure and/or broadband yet.   And yes NFPA code requires hard copies of plans on site where the system is installed.
My daughter bought a 13 inch MBP last week end at the Apple Store. She has a year and a half of college left. For her needs and use she went with the 8GB RAM, 750GB, DVD non retina model.   Some of her textbooks still only offer an optical disk for things like tutorials, etc. No on line downloads. University provides free Parallels and Windows to students. Some of her Engineering software is Windows only.   Her needs will likely change after she graduates but for...
Sounds like they are infected with the Verizon virus. "Can you hear it now?'  
Just replying because of the mention of Behringer.   Recently had to cancel two Behringer orders because their stuff just isn't getting over to the US. My distributor mentioned that he has canceled lots of Behringer orders because of supply issues.   Installing sound equipment in two new schools and they have to be done like yesterday. I guess the boat was an extra slow one from China.
How about just real knobs, sliders and switches?   What is great about them is that they can be different shapes, sizes, and textures. You can learn which is which by feel.   With any flat screen, even with tactile controls it is still one dimensional. You can actually hold it.   Even Ford is going back to offering some knobs and buttons because drivers (you know, the people behind the wheel) found that touch screen everything just doesn't work so well.
Maybe a lot of people don't like California?
  Tubular?   That's such an 80s thing.
And you can spruce up your desk by sticking a silk flower arrangement inside your Mac Pro.   You know, you just know, that someone, somewhere is going to do something like this.
  By designing desktop computers with no internal expansion so that you have to connect external devices with cables.
  We aren't talking about me here. We are talking about the other three members of my family that gave up on Apple and switched to Windows. They weren't asking for the type of computer I want. Apple lost them. Why?   You can cut me down all you want but I'm not the one that has left. I still use a Mac.   If Apple doesn't care about losing 75% of a family to Windows it's no skin off my back. But you have to wonder why people that buy and use iPods and iPhones don't buy...
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