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Just please don't suggest BPL. Broadband over Power Lines is nothing but a headache.   What are overhead power lines? Antennas. Since the industry does not want to limit the frequencies used all that happens is the airwaves get polluted with noise and interference. This affects military, commercial and ham radio communications.
 We were all outside.
 Yet I can attest to being around a group of people who all had phones in their pockets and seeing my watch on my wrist asked me what time it was.I find just twisting my wrist to see the time far easier than taking a phone out.
 I once wrote Apple suggesting a mid sized desktop computer that had docks on top for iPods and iPhones. Would always know where your iPhone was.My family plugs the chargers in all over the house and then can't remember where they left their iPhone.
 I would be all over that type of Mac. I do not want an all in one but I want more oomph than the mini.A headless iMac with an easy open case with enough room for an optional drive (HDD, SSD, Optical) whatever the user wants or needs. $1500 and I'll camp outside an Apple Store for that.
This talk about a mini or mid range computer in the new Mac Pro case does sound intriguing. Then (for those of us that do use them or at least want everything looking like it matches and goes together) someone could build an external case that is designed to fit under the computer.   Think square on the bottom curving into a round shape at the top. Kind of like the base on a kitchen blender.
 Local radio station that plays 60s, 70s and 80s. It ran a little spot the other day."If you remember when all you used a phone for was to talk to people, you're our kind of listener."
You, me and a lot of other Mac users.
  "leader who isn't afraid to make tough decisions"   I'll believe that when he kicks the dust of the ingrained Apple off his boots and we see a headless mid range Mac that Mac users have been asking for.   How tough is it to listen to your customers?
  I would gladly purchase a headless Mac with the internals of the iMac for $1500 so that I can choose my monitor. That would be a premium over the price of an iMac considering it wouldn't have a screen. So it isn't about the dollar amount. It is about the compromises that come with the dollar amount. Features for me and my family mean having things INSIDE the computer.   My oldest daughter just bought a Macbook Pro instead of waiting for Haswell so she could get one with...
New Posts  All Forums: