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  By designing desktop computers with no internal expansion so that you have to connect external devices with cables.
  We aren't talking about me here. We are talking about the other three members of my family that gave up on Apple and switched to Windows. They weren't asking for the type of computer I want. Apple lost them. Why?   You can cut me down all you want but I'm not the one that has left. I still use a Mac.   If Apple doesn't care about losing 75% of a family to Windows it's no skin off my back. But you have to wonder why people that buy and use iPods and iPhones don't buy...
  Actually I have posted before that Apple used to have all four members of my family, myself, wife and two daughters as Mac users. They all have iDevices but all three have left Apple for computing needs and have switched to Windows. I'm the only Mac user left in the house.   So sure Apple is wealthy. But Apple is losing sales to some previous Mac users. The question is why.   I'd like to hear your explanation. I could be just like the rest of the family and switch. But...
  Yes it has. I've been a Mac user for 20 years. Currently Apple lacks the type of computer I want to buy. As such Apple's reputation has gone down.   Just because it hasn't gone down for YOU doesn't mean it hasn't gone down for other long time Mac users. Quit putting your opinion out here as fact.
  Such a question is nonsense.   Ask that same question for any of the existing Apple computers. prospective buyers, even owners would have different ideas on what it should have and what it should cost. They may find that it fits their needs, they may find that it works just fine, they may even be okay with the cost. But there will still be something that they wish was slightly different.   And that is with a product that already exists. That they already can use, and...
I actually shopped at JCP more after the changes than I did before. I hated the Buy 1 get 2nd half off rip off sales tactic. Forcing me to buy more than I want just to get any kind of discount. After JCP dropped it I noticed that Kohl's started doing it. I now shop less at Kohl's.   Too many brain dead shoppers that think  a sale, any sale is a bargain.
I admit that I have been tempted. But I prefer my OS to be from Apple.
  It's the company that won't build a mid sized mid range Mac. Perhaps Apple should license OSX to one manufacturer that contracts to only offer a mid size mid range desktop computer. It wouldn't really be competing with any of Apple's models.
My daughter is going to buy a Macbook Pro this summer. She is not getting the Retina display because she DOES use an optical drive.
I know that many schools are cramped and crowded. I think a 17 inch model for education would be a better choice. But of course Apple doesn't made one anymore. I see a lot of schools passing on this product.
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