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I admit that I have been tempted. But I prefer my OS to be from Apple.
  It's the company that won't build a mid sized mid range Mac. Perhaps Apple should license OSX to one manufacturer that contracts to only offer a mid size mid range desktop computer. It wouldn't really be competing with any of Apple's models.
My daughter is going to buy a Macbook Pro this summer. She is not getting the Retina display because she DOES use an optical drive.
I know that many schools are cramped and crowded. I think a 17 inch model for education would be a better choice. But of course Apple doesn't made one anymore. I see a lot of schools passing on this product.
  I don't want my computer built onto the back of my monitor, no matter how beautiful anyone thinks it is. Put the iMac parts in an easy to open case, that offers a little bit of expansion, room for an optional ODD and let me choose my monitor and I would gladly pay $1500 for it.   I'd bust down one of Apple's $100,000 doors to get it. (Okay, maybe I wouldn't go that far.)
  How many iPhones and iPods has Apple sold to people who still use PCs? How many of those people would love to have a complete Apple experience if Apple would just build the Mac that they need?   Three iPhones in my family. Two iPods in my family. Plus one work provided iPad. Number of Macs that those three people in my family still own and use? Zero! You are talking about an educator that used Macs in the classroom and two children that grew up using Macs in the...
  I deal with several regulatory departments at both the local and federal level of government and with various contractors. They require electronic files to be delivered on CD/DVD. So yes, I do use them, I need to use them and will continue to use them as long as the departments I deal with require them.
And as such a desktop computer does not need to be pencil thin and exclude things that people need and use just so that some designer can brag how thin it is, in a dimension that doesn't really matter.
So many here will never get it. Apple goes through a huge amount of time and effort in making its products look good, But with no consumer level desktop computer with internal expansion that look that Apple worked so hard for is ruined by having to resort to non matching third party external devices.   Sometimes I think even Apple doesn't get it.   I'm all for Apple having a Mac Pro. But that still doesn't do anything about the gap in the product line. The consumer is...
  So many people think we want something magical. We don't. We just want something positioned between the iMac/mini and the Mac Pro. But we want it to offer a case and expansion that leans toward the Mac Pro side instead of the no expansion hard to get into side of the iMac/mini.
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