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The xMac begins with an easy to open case. No putty knives, no suctions cups, nothing that you would find in a automotive body shop in order to get inside. Then it has some internal expansion. Meaning it even if it comes well equipped there is still room for one more device than the factory offers. My own needs would have it include the users choice of installing an internal ODD. And of course it does not have a built in screen. Processors would not be workstation...
You're joking right? Spain going broke and losing 2 existing jobs for every 1 "green" job they create. Germany going "green" and having electric rates go up 61% since 2000. Greece in such economic turmoil that people are having to cut down every tree they can in order to have heat and cook food. That's logical? No they have pushed the responsibility from the pedestrian to the automaker. Pedestrian Impact Standards are why cars are getting blocky front ends with tall...
I would gladly pay $1500 for an iMac inside a case with some expansion that did not include a built in monitor.   I'm willing to pay more for OSX and Apple. Just the same I am not going to buy something from Apple if it doesn't meet my needs and wants.   Right now I'm not buying.
But is a mid range desktop Mac part of that incredible stuff?
Let's see. No mid range sans monitor desktop Mac. Not even the choice any longer of a user installed internal optical drive on the Mini and the IMac. No, I see no reason sales are flat.
Or more people use optical drives than Apple thought and they don't want to be forced to use an external one when a desktop computer should have internal room for it? Just a thought.  
$100 million is cheap for Apple to find a way to kill off the Mac Pro.   Don't give it a decent update and increase the cost by making it here. Sales will drop to nothing. Then Apple will twist it around and claim that the low sales of the Mac Pro proves that no one wants a desktop computer that offers internal expansion. It kills off the Mac Pro. Another part of Apple will use this as a case for why it doesn't make business sense to make things in the US where costs...
You have me drooling here Junkyard. Offer iMac performance in a tower and I will gladly pay $1500 for it. Being able to replace components easily, by myself when they go bad, my choice of monitor with enough internal space for 2 hard drives and an optical drive. $1500 is a bargain for not being stuck with the uselessness of thin in a desktop computer.
I would camp outside an Apple store and pay $1500 for a mid sized Mac that had an i7 processor, some expansion (2 hard drives plus room for an optical drive for folks like me that still sues it) and didn't have a built in monitor. The Mac Pro is simply overkill in size, price and processor horsepower. But the mini and the iMac are too restricted. Built in monitor? No way. Not for me. Mini with no expansion? No way. Both are desktop (stationary where a little bit of size...
  Even though I prefer OSX? I love the hardware, I love the software. I just don't like how it is packaged to where usability of something as basic as a desktop has been constrained.  
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