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I would camp outside an Apple store and pay $1500 for a mid sized Mac that had an i7 processor, some expansion (2 hard drives plus room for an optical drive for folks like me that still sues it) and didn't have a built in monitor. The Mac Pro is simply overkill in size, price and processor horsepower. But the mini and the iMac are too restricted. Built in monitor? No way. Not for me. Mini with no expansion? No way. Both are desktop (stationary where a little bit of size...
  Even though I prefer OSX? I love the hardware, I love the software. I just don't like how it is packaged to where usability of something as basic as a desktop has been constrained.  
Point me to the mid range mid sized desktop Mac that offers me the choice of some internal expansion and the choice of monitor. Only the Mac Pro does that but it certainly isn't mid range or mid sized. I might consider the mini but it will mean purchasing an external case to hold the additional devices I need. Which is really retarded when discussing a desktop computer. It would be like buying a small car and using a utility trailer hooked up to it each and every day in...
Some sort of desktop Mac positioned between the iMac and the Mac Pro is the only product I want from Apple. I do not want an all in one but I don't need the overkill of the Mac Pro. Apple has nothing for the user that needs more than the mobile components mini and the Mac Pro.
I'm holding out to see if next year Apple finally comes out with a Mac that meets my needs. The mini and the iMac don't yet the Mac Pro is overkill. I fully expect to be once again disappointed though. I will use my old Mac until it just won't cut it anymore (getting close to that) and have to leave Apple after 20 years in order to get the type of computer hardware I want. The bummer is having to do without the OS I prefer. I'm not ready to risk a HackIntosh.
All that so called green and alternative energy is raising rates for everyone. Utility companies are forced to add expensive, inefficient, unreliable wind turbines and solar panels. They have to make their money back somehow. And not a single current fossil fueled power plant anywhere in the world has been shut down and replaced by wind or solar. Instead they have to be kept running at idle (the most inefficient and most polluting mode) in order to kick in instantly...
If Apple is no longer worried about cannibalization then I have just one question.   Where's my XMac?"
Yes, obviously everyone's needs exactly match yours. I guess you fit the big brother role in the 1984 commercial. Everyone is the same and everyone gets the same computer.
Make a decent mid range desktop Mac and I'll be all over an iPad for the rare mobile needs I might have. I'll never chunk down money for a laptop since I I don't have real need for mobility. But I need a good desktop and I want it to be from Apple.
Corbomite not Carbomite.   If you're going to be a nerdy geek at least get it right.
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