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And when a desktop computer (not an all in one) is the product you really want all the wizz-bang of the other Apple products, while hearing and seeing nothing regarding desktops does not make one want to rush out and buy those other Apple products. At least it doesn't for me.
Same here. But I'm not springing for an iPad until Apple comes out with the desktop that meets my needs.
Perhaps people buy pickups and SUVs because cars no longer have the features they like. Like a full size spare. Like windshields that aren't slanted so much you can't reach and clean the bottom of the glass inside. Like roominess. There are lots of reasons other than the road surface as to why people don't buy cars.
Horrible. I'll probably read news on Macrumors and come here for the forums.  
I had a similar idea for a mid range desktop Mac. One or two docks on top for charging iPods and iPhones. My family is constantly charging their phones all over the house and leaving the charger plugged in. And of course they can't remember where they last used it so they can't find it. I also thought it would be nice to have built in speakers that could be used by the docked devices even if the computer isn't turned on.
Now if only Apple would understand this.
We install according to the specs when we bid the jobs. There is a little thing called a contract. We do install a lot of fiber but most of that is between buildings. Inside is still mostly copper.
We sure install a lot of Cat 5 and Cat 6 cable and data jacks in new businesses, stores, schools, hospitals, etc for ethernet to be going away like some people think. Sure we install more wireless nodes now but we haven't seen any business willing to trust wireless completely.
Put that in an easy to open case and that is the type of Mac I want to buy.
I'm actually holding off on purchases of any other Apple products while I wait for the Mac desktop that meets my needs. (I don't need a Xeon Mac Pro but I need something that has some expansion like the Mac Pro case just not as big.) I see no reason to support Apple financially buying their other products that I don't find as necessary to own while I can't get the one product I really wish to have.
New Posts  All Forums: