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Is Apple buying Renesas so they can offload the LCD computational load from the Ax SoC allowing the developer to code to one 'standard' display? Apple's Renesas chip would take that std display output stream and adapt it to the actual display of the device, whatever its native resolution. Perhaps Apple is creating a pdf display driver at last.
The stats are about SMARTphone mkt share, not CELL phone ms.
There is one Android factor being overlooked: Until now, Android has been a honey pot for malware. Do you think texting while driving is a safety issue? How about debugging while driving? The same issue applies to iOS in a Car, but I have more confidence Apple will deliver high reliability before Android does.
To the Grandparent above... I feel your pain and I am seconding the suggestion to buy a gift card and had to your son or daughter. It'll be very easy for them to handle the details and very hard for you to do that. (Nothing will work, of course, if the telecom requires a photo id in person to add a number (and payment) to a a plan. I believe this is the case for all telecoms.)
I bet you'd raise a few thousand on KickStarter. Go for it!   Or just set a small spy cam up, don't tell your family, and release the photos as a complete set on Opening Day.   Fame and Riches await!
I don't know. Samsung has a well earned reputation as a copyist of other businesses (not only Apple's). Maybe this is a for real invention of theirs. And maybe Apple is pretending to be interested in it because they know it doesn't make sense other than to show off the gee whiz tech. (Wow! If I roll the phone this way and that, I can read more stuff.) Samsung could get the tech right, but fail at the user experience badly. Apple could ship the exact same Samsung! display...
 Of course, I agree. However, Samsung will have lost its bet ($$$) yet again and Apple isn't too proud to review and analyze Samsung's failure.  Samsung is also creating a record of their pre iWatch designs. This might be used against them if they do the follow closely thing again.
Apple's been rumored to be developing the same thing. I wonder if this is just an Apple head fake to have Samsung be the first to test the market and, if it fails for Samsung, well then, it couldn't happen to a nicer Korean chaebol.
Hey. This one gets the Post of the Year Award. Speech. Speech.
"What is Google's strenght? Services."   Plus snooping, recording, storing, and monetizing personal user data without being illegal (most of the time).   Google sells user data to its customers, the ad agencies.   (And a world without ads everywhere trumps a world with ads everywhere. There's a reason signage on highways is regulated.)
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