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I agree iPhone will be very competitive, probably dominant on premium to premium sales. What about phones going for $10/mo? This will be the critical choice for Apple buyers. I believe many buyers will choose to upgrade to a premium $25+ a month and Apple needs to win the $25+ game on merit. I'm optimistic that for the short and intermediate term Apple will win on best security, privacy, UX, service, support, and 'just works' reputation.
Nothing wrong with AI's flame on Google. Here's how it works:   Apple creates/applies the patch and then tests it. After testing the patch is distributed or autoloaded to almost all targets.   Google creates/applies the patch and then tests it. After testing the patch is made available for distribution.   Take a moment and contemplate the difference between the two.    Also consider that the target configurations number on the order of 1B for Google and 500M for...
rogifan, It is opt-in. iOS always asks who you want to share data with. The hospital is open door since all a patient needs to do is choose to share their data w the hospital and the hospital will accept.
It's not about the details... Almost all the details must be true. It's about Isaacson's story, the one Isaacson created to tell about Jobs' life. I believe he focused on the negative to the detriment of the great.
 What does it mean for the processor to be running in "32 bit mode"? Can the 5433 execute 32 and 64 bit code side by side or do you need to run it with one or the other?
Whoa there DC! Samsung is key to Apple's success. And TC intended it this way. Two of Apple's most important strategic resources is its fab contracts and relationships with Samsung and TSMC. These are central to Apple's annual "tick tock" advances in SoC and AP chip designs.  This is TC's genius. The supply chain. In chips, he now is coordinating advances in 2 and soon 3 or 4 major fabs developing for and supplying  Apple's increasingly profitable innovation engine. He's...
Has anyone googled simtub?????
Metal - alias "AGK" - Android Graphics Killer
 Doubt you may, but Apple will allow upgrades to the internals: What's the difference between an expensive aWatch vs a traditional expensive watch? One of them is obsoleted within 2 years and the other's treasured for 30 and more years. "......unless you can upgrade the internals,..." ​Here's how it's going to go: Buy $5k gold watch 2014 Upgrade internals each year for $400.
New Posts  All Forums: