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 What does it mean for the processor to be running in "32 bit mode"? Can the 5433 execute 32 and 64 bit code side by side or do you need to run it with one or the other?
Whoa there DC! Samsung is key to Apple's success. And TC intended it this way. Two of Apple's most important strategic resources is its fab contracts and relationships with Samsung and TSMC. These are central to Apple's annual "tick tock" advances in SoC and AP chip designs.  This is TC's genius. The supply chain. In chips, he now is coordinating advances in 2 and soon 3 or 4 major fabs developing for and supplying  Apple's increasingly profitable innovation engine. He's...
Has anyone googled simtub?????
Metal - alias "AGK" - Android Graphics Killer
 Doubt you may, but Apple will allow upgrades to the internals: What's the difference between an expensive aWatch vs a traditional expensive watch? One of them is obsoleted within 2 years and the other's treasured for 30 and more years. "......unless you can upgrade the internals,..." ​Here's how it's going to go: Buy $5k gold watch 2014 Upgrade internals each year for $400.
I can't call it the worst joke of the day given Samsung's habitual anti-Apple attack ads. (Well deserved.) ((But some may think the ads are the cats' pajamas. It's a matter of the 'I' of the beholder.))
I heard a trusted report saying that Apple closed the deal with many merchants because Apple's solution did not want access to customer purchase info. OTOH, Google //admantly insisted// on customer, location, product, and time info for its Wallet.
Yeah, I agree. And here's some other cases where it simplifies life the Apple way:   Parents pre funding their childrens' accounts.   Friends  pre funding each other to gift, lend, and pay back debts.   Apple partnering with a service partner guaranteeing payment completion.   Replacing bank certified checks: "As close to cash as you can get" might be the motto.   Again, I do agree there will be cases that aren't attractive.
About Apple offering a 'prefunding' service to an Apple account. Doesn't this completely remove all borrower risk? And also, doesn't this making giving money form one individual to another very easy? If true, Apple could offer the account owner a slice of the pie - 1 to 2% off all purchases wherever the 'card' is presented. What's your view of this prefunding only possibility? Does my view of the matter have legs?
New Posts  All Forums: