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Someone somewhere suggested that IDC and Gartner marketshare numbers should be limited to the top 5, 6, or 10 OEMs. Why? Because the devices sold by the top 5... 10 are not competing in sales to those produced by the super low priced 'others' OEMs which have risen to above 25% marketshare. I think this is a great suggestion. Why not create a table limited to the top 5, 6, or 10 so we can appreciate the marketplace share numbers among true competitor OEMs?
All of you upset about the iPad and iPhone screen size:   Google this: "Apple TV Airplay"
Yes. Metal is used in BioShoch and will be used by all games going forward.
My thinking:   They have no choice. The carnage on Wall St would be horrific if they didn't announce in Sept.   Shipping 4 weeks later. Definitely, a host of iOS 8 and A8 capabilities plus announcements about iHealth/iFitness, iPayments, iIBM, and iSapphire allows the 4 weeks to include huge natural, free hype with no Apple $$$ investment. ($Bs of free ads in the form of a media firestorm. I bet "Willy Wonka" is a required 15 hr course at Apple U.)   Build it and...
Is Apple buying Renesas so they can offload the LCD computational load from the Ax SoC allowing the developer to code to one 'standard' display? Apple's Renesas chip would take that std display output stream and adapt it to the actual display of the device, whatever its native resolution. Perhaps Apple is creating a pdf display driver at last.
The stats are about SMARTphone mkt share, not CELL phone ms.
There is one Android factor being overlooked: Until now, Android has been a honey pot for malware. Do you think texting while driving is a safety issue? How about debugging while driving? The same issue applies to iOS in a Car, but I have more confidence Apple will deliver high reliability before Android does.
To the Grandparent above... I feel your pain and I am seconding the suggestion to buy a gift card and had to your son or daughter. It'll be very easy for them to handle the details and very hard for you to do that. (Nothing will work, of course, if the telecom requires a photo id in person to add a number (and payment) to a a plan. I believe this is the case for all telecoms.)
I bet you'd raise a few thousand on KickStarter. Go for it!   Or just set a small spy cam up, don't tell your family, and release the photos as a complete set on Opening Day.   Fame and Riches await!
New Posts  All Forums: