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I just remembered that the PlayStation 3 only has 256 MB RAM.
Dobberpuhl is 64 years old and probably well behind his prime as a technician, but he's probably a great team leader. I'm more worried by the lower level staff from PA Semi leaving Apple.
Well, the source that AI is quoting is stating that its a Cortex-A9 MPCore-based SoC, and those are at least dual core. And Bright Side of News is the only one really claiming to know stuff. All others are just speculation. But the fact that they got the GPU completely wrong, their claim of CPU must be put in that context. For what it's worth, Bright Side of News, have now corrected some stuff in their article so it doesn't include factual errors, like that the iPad would...
Spotify isn't available for most markets, and not for large markets such as the US, Japan and Germany. Spotify have 250k paying customers that can use Spotify in iPhone (and Android which supports multitasking) and I think that they'd get a lot more if Spotify could multitask on the iPhone. Spotify is really popular here in Sweden with probably approaching or even exceeding a million users. It's pretty well known that Spotify on iPhone isn't all what it could be, and that...
While the "Apple A4" most likely is ARM-based (I see absolutely no technical reason why is shouldn't be), it's curious to know that IBM has been developing a new PowerPC core named "A2". Coincidence? Probably,
What actual evidence are there for quad core CPUs in these new machines? Is there info in these plists that actually say what CPU and GPU they are using or is the "evidence" we are talking about just really speculations taken from Intel's current roadmap?
ZFS will be a supported, non bootable, read/write filsystem on Mac OS X 10.6 Server. And probably unsupported on Client.
Exactly! If they move the frameworks out of the applications, the only things left are localizations! All the applications listend are pretty much just frontends to Frameworks. Apple could even make a large repository of vectorized standard widgets and icons that can be used by any application. Put those great icon artists at Apple at work for everyone's benefit.
Streaming photos they say.. I can't find any trace of such functionality in either iPhoto, iTunes or my AppleTV. What am I missing?
This is a good time as any to make the radical decision to make Mac OS X free for all Mac users and that this will include current as all future versions. Apple can't make much money on OSX and it would probably be weighed up by increased hardware sales There must be much more money in such a promise, good will and the fact that almost the entire user base will be up to date at any given time. The costs for developers (and Apple) would decrease as they won't have to...
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