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I can't recall that Workbench could resize the icons according to some rule, like file size. This seems to be the second part of the patent. And.. I think you could resize individual icons in OSX even now. I think I've seen some hack on OSXHints that did this.. The setting didn't stick for very long though.
It's tuesday tomorrow...
I'd be enourmously surprised if it didn't have rich support for "exotic" languages. There's nothing inside the software in iPhone that suggests that it wouldn't have anything but full support. The whole point of not having any buttons and everything in software is precicely this.
Marvell is a fabless semiconductor designer and might employ Samsung for the manufacturing of the device. Samsung, Chartered, Infineon, Freescale and IBM have a joint foundy collaboration going on syncing their fabrication processses enabling customers to design once and manufacture wherever. Marvell have been collaborating with all these companies in the past. So.. Marvell _and_ Samsung can be making the CPU.
That's beacause he spoke of HDMI-A and HDMI-B. I'm not sure about those designations but I'm pretty sure that there are at least two different versions of HDMI, one with single link DVI and one with dual-link.
I agree with Palegolas. I think it's rather petty to poke at Microsoft. Can't they see that they are hurting?! It's mean to kick someone when they are down.
[QUOTE=Vox Barbara]You nailed it. I just can't remember *any* so called eye candy UI finish in MacOs, that has no compelling practical reason, too. Well.. I thing the ripple stuff when activating a dashboard widget is a little over the top, and it locks mechine.. not good.
Core 2 Duo increases cache size and that'll help a lot I think, but the main resource hog of Rosetta is hat it uses A LOT OF RAM. ~400 MB + 25% extra from every PPC app. Core 2 Duo won't change any of that, but we will be able to use more than 2 GB of RAM.. and that'll be quite welcome. I'm not sure what 64 bit will do for Rosetta..
I Apple wanted a cheap, versatile, powerful laptop, geard towards just about anybody, they could have opted for cheaper CPUs and a discrete GPU. Instead they went fot rather pricey CPUs and a cheap GPU, leaving gamers and people who might want to use apps like Aperture witch rely on GPUs in the cold. The Core Dup processors are quite powerful, even at low speeds (1.66 GHz). I think I remember from en MacBook was introduced that almost everyone was surprised that Apple...
For how long? Will it perhaps always be in the future? Thanks for the other info.
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