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For how long? Will it perhaps always be in the future? Thanks for the other info.
I think it's pretty remarkable that Intel sells the ARM-division and choses to keep Itanium floating. ARM has a future, the market is enourmous and Intel's share was small so they had ample room to grow. But selling this part won't ammount to public humiliation.. I think that's the only reason the keep pumping money into the sinkhole that is Itanium, to save face.
Really.. Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign is running _just_fine_ on my MacBook Pro. I can't really tell that I'm running it emulated. I upgraded from a 1.5 GHz PowerBook G4 with _is_ faster when I really put it to the test, but as I said.. I am not niticing it in day to day work. I've been using these kinds om apps professionally for 10 years so I remember Phtoshop 2.5 on a Quadra 700... If someone says Photoshop is slow on a MacBook Pro the've havn't been using these...
If you exclude the matters related too GPU (DVI-out, monitor spanning) and sound, NONE of thse are technical matters, just cosmetical ore related to marketing issues. And.. Apple could have easily opted for DVI and monitor spaning in iBook if they wanted to without changing GPU, larger drives and so forth. So.. the only thing that differentiated PB 12" from iBook G4 is really the audio option. That would have required a bit different circuitry inside. Security slot? the...
The PowerBook 12" is essentially an iBook G4 and it has always been that way. The only thing that differentiates them technically is the GPU and sound in really..
With the Mac mini as the obvious exception.
It _is_ a high end Mac portable. It's the white version of the MacBook Glossy. Really nice rendered. Really nice! There-s no ports on it because every port is on a UWB-connected port extender not seen
I agree. I thought it was a good idea when SGI was worth 10 times a much as they are today. Apple could buy ten SGI's with its quarterly profit only. I don't think SGI have that much know how left in the company. Most capable techies have probably left the company already (AMD, nVidia, ATI, Intel, HP, Microsoft?) but there most certainly are some great minds left. I would think/hope that some ended up at Apple already. They also have a great IP portfolio that could be put...
The definition of a Mac is a machine made by Apple that runs Mac OS, hence even an Xserve is a Mac. There's nothing exciting about it to single it out from the crown like you suggest, who cares it lacks the speaker for the start up chime? I don't think they will rename the iMac nor the Xserve. They wanted to get rid of the "Power" moniker, and we've seen them introduce the iMac Core Duo, when they just as well could've renamed it to whatever. Just calling it "Mac" is...
I havn't thought about that but it makes perfect sense since evey PC vendor is a sheep following Apple's lead even before they switched to Intel. When PC vendors grow tired of shanting "Intel Pentium 4 955 Extreme Edition dual core processor with Hyperthreading technology" they might go with whatever Apple calls Intel's processors. I really don't see the i- and Power- moniker leaving us. There's really no need to. We might need to keep an eye on USPTO/TESS the comming days.
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