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Apple bought NeXT nine years ago, today. Seems like it was yeasterday. We've come a long way since then. Or have we? I really thought we would have come farther.
Who said that it was IBM that couldn't deliver? Ballmer didn't.. It can just as well be ATI and that would be very consistent with their inability to ramp production of their newer high end GPUs.
Oooh.. quite nice. Very light, no fans and good batery. Expensive as hell though, and still the ugly underbelly that comes with every PC laptop, still looks like Frankenstein, still have multicolored ports everywhere, blinkenlights, 4-pin FireWire, expensive (not cheap) palstics with fake metallic paint. I was very close.. my point still stands.
I just read the original poster and though: "Oh, he really want's a PC!". The thinga I missed in the description was all the ugly stickers on the top, the cheap plastics with fake metallic pant, the sense that the computer is some kind of Frankenstein's monster, kitbashed from 10 different models, multicolored ports, a 4 pin Firewire-port, blinkenlights for HD, CPU, WLAN and God know what else, a forgotten underside that'd scare Grandma into an early grave and two fan...
They were first to drop disk drives, legacy ports, the first to add Ethernet, Gbit Ethernet, auto sensing Ethernet, WLAN, Bluetooth, trackpads, DVI, ADC, dual screen support, DVD-RAM, Zip, axis-sensors, built in audio, high speed bus, boot from anything other than diskette or hard drive (cd, dvd, zip, external drives, netboot), Firewire and I've probably forgotten half of it.. Anyhoo.. Apple have done more innovation than any other PC vendor, probably more than all others...
we use the above mentioned apps, and their stability in respect to fonts was improved greatly when we weeded out the broken fonts. It's really the applications that carry a lot of legacy baggage have most of the problems..
I work for an advertising agency and have always have had a LOT OF problems with fonts through the years. OSX is more sensitive to badly made fonts and so are newer printers. We see it as an oppotunity to find and correct font issues (issues that we've had all along really). We now have corrected and converted almost all of our in house fonts and third party fonts to OpenType and gotten a better experience in the process. Programs that handles fonts and screen rendering...
Here in Sweden the term "PC" stands for x86 based computers capable of running DOS/Windows. In the 80s the term was "PC compatible" and referred directly to the IBM PC, and computers that was 100% compatible with it, ie x86 based, running DOS. After the platform was standardized the "compatible" part was dropped. A Macintosh, Amiga, Atari and so forth was never considered a PC, they were "hemdatorer", "home computers" in English. The wider meaning of PC in English is a...
"Power.." is not tied to PowerPC since it predated it with the original PowerBook.
I really think that move was to protect Apple from idiots caching in on such an obvious brand. I don't think Apple intend to use it themselves. For one.. Doesn't Intel have their brand to protect?
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