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Wow! Seems like a really cool processor and the people behind it seems like the real deal. It will be interessting to follow this development. From what I see this processor will certainly give Freescale a challenge with their e600 and e700 platforms. IBM's processors and CELL have completely different focus.
Swivelers are worse than sliders. I actually like sliders. Swivelers and flip lops are hard du operate with one hand, but sliders are not. And.. the effect is similar but flip flops must have two screens, and swivelers have problems with their keyboards swivels to an up side down-position. Sliders are good, but static phones (like ROKR or SE K7859) are the best, and you don't loose any space for unnecessairy mechanics. I've had my SE S700i for about half ayear (it swivels)...
The next PowerBook will be G4. There won't be a PowerBook G5. And there's no reason to suspect that the front side bus of a future PowerBook x86 will be any slower or faster than that of any comparable notebook from a PC vendor.
How innovative! Nokia 3650.
Beacause this isn't a fricken clickwheel, this is the type of joypad thingy that almost all handsets have had for years. Sans the ROKR though which is disturbing. But the RAZR has it..
Something like this (picture link)? I really don't think so
Yeah.. why not a vPod with _everything_ Madonna released! Music, videos, movies and books? I wonder how "Sex" would be like an audio book?
An iPod nano rimmed with lace and engraved with some arcane kabbalah symbols.
I can't believe you are debating the merits of torrents vs an iTunes Video Store. Have anyone had bandwidth-problems from Apple? Anyone? Ever? I live in Sweden and Apple easily saturates my 10 Mbps connection. I easily get +1 MB/s while downloading stuff (not from iDisk though). Who knows.. they might even include som P2P functionality into iTunes with a P2P-button if iTMS/iTVS is slow. The cost is that you would also open up your archive to fellow iTuners. iTunes would...
Perhaps if it was named "iPod theater". And.. that screen has an aspect ratio of 2:1.
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