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BBEdit is already Universal Binary, and I really think that Apple will leave Office and Creative Suite behind since pointed out that these apps run just fine emulated. I think it's pretty safe to assume that ALL of Apple's applications is running as UB apps since WWDC. From what I've heard the x86 labs at Apple are quite empty since there's really no need to use them any more. I guess this will change when finalized hardware is introduced but for now the porting is pretty...
They probably still will have more chips available than what IBM and Freescale combined would ever produce..
Yes. It's called N91 (as I said) and have a 4 GB hard drive, USB2 (storage support) and a head phone jack. It can play AAC (M4A), Real8 and WMA with built in software (Nokia won't bundle iTunes). It can record from microphone, line in and FM-radio. It can play and record MPEG4 video. It also has a 2 Mpx camera and WLAN.
It will be available this winter for the Nokia N91 with a 4 GB hard drive says the manager for multimedia at Nokia. They are using an open platform (Symbian Series 60) and are welcoming everybody. When asked why it is taking so long for Motorola to release an iTunes-phone, he just laughs and says it's a bit strange. Nokia is already cooperating with Microsoft (guaraneeing comatibility with Windows) and Loudeye (which is distributing content for MTV, MSN and Coca-Cola)....
Actually.. The first swith for OSX was _to_ PowerPC. NeXTStep had in its later years x86 as its primary platform. There wasn't an intent to switch back to x86, as much as there was a will to keep the original platform up to date and keep all doors open. Keeping them open was probably no big deal and I wouldn't be surprised if they also kept (are keeping?) the doors open for Sparc and PA-RISC too, sine NeXTStep also ran on those platforms.
Sorry.. I'm blind!
Something that's really interessting is that 970GX was generally available a year ago. So.. where is it?! We could surely use some of that L2 cache..
Yeah.. but you know accrding to Nr.9 there's a industry consensus that the wall everyone ran into some years ago is never going to be breached. We will _never_ see a PowerMac with processors faster than 2.5 GHz.. Never! These are not the GHz we're looking for. *waving my hand*
This is a hardware feature, not a software. OSX sees the processor as one physical processor but two virtual. OSX uses both. On to something not entirely different.. Mach-O is tailored fot CISC-processors. gcc is better for x86 than it is for PPC. What will this do for extra performance on x86?
I think the jury is still out on whether the Xbox is a success or not. Have MS even broken even yet? Apple can't afford to loose the kind of money MS can, nor can Nintendo. MS did have quite a flying start since they had the support of game developers for the sister platform: PC gaming. They could break into the console market by pure force alone, and they did. Apple is in no position to do this. They succeeded with the iPod partly because there was no market leader. There...
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