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I think everyone is silent on this matter because Apple really have no business nor credibility in this segment at all.. and, this is at a time when Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are releasing quite a strong line up for the comming years, while Apple just dumped the plattform that is to be the future for gaming for another..
I don't think OSX will go the way OS/2 did.. for everal reasons: OS/2 wasn't that different from Windows, in the respect to look and feel OS/2 was almost but not supported på IBM There was never a complete culture of developers concentrating entirely on OS/2 I don't think OS/2 would've survived any better if it hadn't supported Win16 applications, but it would have it it did support Win32 applications.
MHz is not a measure of speed (actual work done), it's ameasure of rate (how often it does stuff). One does small things very fast, it might not be as productive as another one doing large things slower. The SPEC scores for 970 is from code compiled with gcc, a not that optimized compiler. The scores for P4 is compiled with Intel's compilers that are specifically tuned to make benchmark applications like SPEC run faster. Apple did (ordered one from an independent...
I'm pretty sure a move to Intel would constitute more than a point release..
If Apple would put in a a numeric keyboard the main keyboard would have to shift to the left, that would be bad.
I surely would like my keyboard right in front of the monitor, portable computer or not.
Seriously.. I really don't want 20 multi media buttons, 4-5 mouse buttons, a track point, small displays and controls that'll turn a PB17" into an enourmous MP3 player and an extended key board that'll place the ordinary to the far left so my hands get all misaligned to the screen. And.. I don't want all those stickers that Wintel owners seems happy to collect. Keep my PowerBook clean!
That link of yours.. Was that supposed to mean anything? I didn't say Cell was bad, it seems to excel in that respect too, I did say that it wasn't _as_good_ on double floats. Quoting from BM's Cell pages:Peak performance (single precision): > 256 GFlops Peak performance (double precision): >26 GFlops I am standing by that Cell isn't as good on double precision floats as it is on single precision. Don't you agree? But on the other hand, you did perhaps contend my other...
A 970@2.7 GHz does peak 11 Gflops at scalar operations but 22 Gflops on SIMD operations (AltiVec). Remember that the G5 is quite stong on floting point operations if compared to other mainstream processors like Athlon/Opteron or Pentium/Xeon. But these Cell processors are just insanely strong on single precision floting point operations due to their 8 SPUs. Most applications seem to favour double precision though and Cell isn't as good there.
Regular G5s with regular 2 GHz 970 processors. The only thing not regular is that they are equipped with Radeon X800 GPUs.
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