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Regular G5s with regular 2 GHz 970 processors. The only thing not regular is that they are equipped with Radeon X800 GPUs.
Ryan Katz must be drunk.
602 was not a 64 bit processor in the sense that it could adress 64 bits of memory. It had a FPU that processed 64 bit data types though and I guess that's what the 3D0 blurb was all about.
Thanks! Based on THT's first attempt to sort out the PowerPC family tree a couple of year ago I might add. He was the one who got me started! This new attempt of his is a new fresh view that I really like. Much cleaner.
Excellent! I really like the included embedded cores. Saves me a lot of research Thanks!
This is actually quite correct, for the devloper boxes, not the final product. This have been kommon knowledge since quite a while, and the demos that we've seen of Xbox 360 is apparently running on the dev boxes (with a penalty hit) since the final hardware isn't ready yet.
Granted, Waternoose (Xbox 360 processor) is no Cell processor, since it probably won't be compatible with STI's software CELL architechture and SPUs. BUT.. the three cores in Waternoose and the PPE core in STI's Cell is quite similar in a lot of respects. They both are processors relying on long pipelines to get high frequenzies, two way multi threading, DRM on die, VMX attached, integrated memory controllers, small shared caches and high speed inter core...
The name for my main computer, a dual 2 GHx G4, is "Morannon" witch is Black Tongue for the Black Gates into Mordor. I have several Macs on the same theme, Barad-dûr, Orodruin and Minas Morgul.
The simple and tragic answer might be that this forces developers to simplify their user interfaces so that they don't hide essential features under a context menu.
There's quite a difference between _encode_ and _decode_. In this case, the Cell decoded 48 640x480 MPEG2-streams, arranged them in a 6x8 matrix and scaled it to a 1920x1080 screen. Each SPU processed 8 ordinary DVD-streams. 8 MPEG 2 movies per SPU is quite impressive but a high end G5 have no problems doing that. I just played five 640x480 MPEG4 encoded movies in QuickTime on my 1xG5/1.8 GHz without skipping. If one would make a special operating systems, and did...
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