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 Well, I am a bigger guy but not huge, and there is only one model of the Apple watch that fits my wrist, for instance. They are designed for smaller people.
That's obvious. Seems like Apple is so concerned with everything being thin, light, and tiny these days. What happened to the 17" MacBook Pro or the TANK Mac Pro? Were they just too big and bulky for Chinese customers? Yes, Apple is catering to them these days...  
The Samsung Galaxy Gear was a flop....the Google Glass is going to be a flop, if it's not already....but, the iWatch is bound to be something like we have never seen before or imagined for a wearable computer. I predict Apple's entry will blow us away, and set a new standard for the industry. Apple is taking their time and not entering the field until they have just what they want, and what they know the consumer will oooh and ahhh over...and millions will purchase. So,...
Yes I agree with this. I love Nintendo's titles, but I have not owned a Nintendo console since the Super Nintendo. Not even a mobile console since the Game Boy!
People have been waiting for Nintendo to port the Mario series as sell as Zelda to the iOS for a long time. But since Nintendo sells their proprietary Nintendo DS systems for playing these titles specifically, they are not allowing this to happen. They are keeping the Mario ecosystem, a closed one, and only playable on Nintendo branded hardware or consoles.
I know for a fact that Nintendo could make a windfall profit by porting their Mario and Zelda titles over to the iOS platform...no doubt. HUGE demand for this!!
Really wishing I had bought about 1000 shares in 1997 when the stock was around $13.00. Now I'd be rich!   Well, I do own 5 shares at the moment. Bought them around $327
This is good news!! I personally detest the squared off design and the sharp edges. This will be a nice change (if it is true)
I will tell you, I would pay a reasonable amount, say $49.99 to buy and own the app for the iPad. But no way am I paying $99/year for some subscription service just to run this thing on my iPad. No thank you M$
New Posts  All Forums: