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Monument Valley is the best iPad game I've ever played.  As I played along, I continued to ask myself "how did they do that".  It's such an original design and so much fun.  I sure hope they do a follow up.
Stop what? Because I'm a huge apple fan I can't wish for product improvements or want them to go in another direction? Apple isn't my first born child. I love them but it's not unconditional. If someone comes out with a better product then I'll give it some serious consideration. So far nobody has, but I definitely keep an eye on the technology that's out there to see what other options there are.
Count me in as one who would be 100% into buying a larger iPhone.  I'm a die hard Apple fan, I own iPods, 2 iPhone 5's, iPad Air and rMBP 15".  I love their ecosystem and quality and performance of their products, but I think it's time they offer their customers an option.  They should absolutely keep the 4" size, but a 5" size phone would be awesome.  I've checked out the GS5, and crappy OS and cheap plastic aside, the screen is amazing. 1080p, super bright and the colors...
I left Verizon several years ago and when to AT&T when the iPhone 3 came out...I've stayed with AT&T because I'm grandfathered in under their unlimited data plan.  But to be honest, their service isn't all that bad and the coverage here is Seattle is pretty solid.  Also, i can upgrade my plan after 18 months (which I did for the iPhone 5) and now that Verizon is pulling this stunt, I have zero desire to ever go back to them.  
Ok, I need to know how this works.  When Apple introduced the iPhone 5, they simply stretched the screen so that it maintained the 640 width in pixels and increased the length to 1136.  From what I understand, this was a huge help to app designers because they didn't have to deal with a whole new resolution factor, but could just scale their apps to neatly fit the new iPhone form factor.  This makes sense to me.   But how does this work on Andriod devices?  For...
This looks like a decent speaker. I have the Bose Soundlink Bluetooth speaker and just love the portability of a bluetooth connected speaker. I will admit you do sacrifice a bit of sound quality, both in the size as well as the Bluetooth compression. But these are small portable speakers that are made to vastly improve the sound that the iPad/iPhone provide on their own. And as I can speak for the Bose speaker it does this without question. Given this review, this...
I've been using the Apple iPhone since the iPhone three and I've never really wanted to jailbreak. However the popularity of the evasi0n jailbreak made me decide to give it a try. I absolutely love it. I've been able to completely customize my phone in ways that Apple never intended, and it makes the phone so much easier to use. I am definitely not going to install the upgrade.
Outstanding article. Thanks for taking the time to lay these issues out. I have pre ordered the iPhone but I'm starting to wonder if that was a mistake. The number one app I currently use with my iPhone 4 is the maps. I will of course give it a try but I am worried Bout the quality of their mapping software. I think Apple was so eager to get rid of google in iOS but they really screwed the pooch on this one.
Seriously, it's not a big deal.  It's just like going to a concert, football game, etc.  Half the fun is hanging out with the crowd and being part of an event.  I can play a band's CD any time I want, but a concert is an experience of sharing music with people of the same interest.  Football is on TV every Sunday, and personally I think watching the game at home is just fine, but when going to a live game, the excitement, the crowd and cheering, it's a great time....
I completely agree. You look at the phone and it looks nice and is thinner but you can't really tell how much work, unique design and new technology went into being able to make such a device. I find these sorts of things fascinating.
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