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Fassbender looks so different from Jobs that I have some trouble with the character. Been a long time since I read that Bio, but I am not under the impression there was much open conflict between Woz and Jobs. I thought it was more that Woz felt betrayed and maybe bitter but didn't really confront him about it. I recall like Woz being upset about the whole Atari Breakout thing, etc.
[quote name="konqerror" url="/t/186737/apple-is-making-the-watch-better-by-making-it-even-more- They should never have launched third-party apps in the state it's in. Now, after what 4 months on the market, developers will have to rewrite their apps to run directly on the watch. Guess how many people will do that? [/quote] I'll guess. ALL of the developers.
Not just for forgotten phones.  Perhaps dead, damaged, or otherwise temporarily unavailable phones?
I find it odd that selling 700,000 smart watches "pales in comparison to larger more established firms." 700k is a pretty good chunk of the market. Pebble's failure in my view is having quite excellent sales and still depending on the kindness of strangers to stay afloat.
If you want to drag that old relic into the debate....They did do a game console, with Bandai. The Pippin. I saw it for sale in Japan.
Doesn't sound like the company has anything at all. No technology. No customers. No particularly genius employees. Their "product" sounds like little more than crap ideas someone might come up with in a few minutes over a pitcher of beer.
Awesome analogy.
 I agree and think the ink is the issue.  From Wikipedia (I know it's not that reliable - see excerpt below) I see that the inks can contain all sorts of things that could interfere with sensors.  Heck, one might set off a metal detector. I don't really want to get into the tattoo debate (don't care for them but it's your body and free-ish country) but I don't think Apple should be reluctant to include a feature just because a tattoo might interfere. Piercings interfere...
I have to have the full version of Microsoft office or this thing is completely useless.
Do you really need tags to figure out simple things?  If yes: That's a rhetorical question.
New Posts  All Forums: