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Maybe for you.  I think you're full of crap.  That's just the sort of thing those "in the know" said about games on the iPhone.  Can't complete with PS and XBox.  iPhone is a bad gaming platform. No good controllers, too small, too slow, etc.  As long as we're making pronouncements, I'll make one:  XBox and PS are a stupid waste of money and time, nothing a grown person should get involved with. 
Bullcrap.  This is going to be a fantastic streamer.  I am really looking forward to this.  If you're one of those dorks that buys all the expensive consoles, controllers, games, then no this isn't for you.  If you're like most people, who loves the sort of games you can get for free or a couple bucks on an iPhone or iPad, this thing will freaking rock.  If the games are like Wii games, that's good to me. I like the Wii and this will replace one. 
We are not talking about refusing to comply with a court order, we're talking about court orders that are impossible to comply with.  The court could order Apple's lawyer to crap diamonds but that doesn't mean she can.
That's a good observation.  Now, does Apple have an obligation to create a system that would allow Apple access to a person's encrypted messages?  As I understand it, the current system doesn't give Apple that capability.  Just because a court demands something, does not mean it is possible to comply.
This is correct.  The purpose of the Constitution is to establish limits on the government. And with regard to my previous post, I know that companies have to cooperate if they receive a subpoena, etc.  The question is whether they have make the product so it can be searched and seized.  I know with regard to a laptop theft or loss, if it's properly encrypted then it is not considered a data breach.  If someone gets that hard drive, they don't get your data.  Seems to me...
What is the legal basis for making a company weaken its encryption? Do companies have to facilitate investigations? I'm not a lawyer. I haven't seen an article that suggests why Apple or Microsoft need to do this. I do know that it is a fact that the tools most forensic analysts use can't crack the current iPhone encryption. A buddy of mine in that field tells me Backberrys are very easy BTW. US constitutional rights come at a cost. The cost in not just soldiers lost...
Roku has universal search so they're not really breaking new ground here.
I suppose we will be able to read more about this after the BlackHat Europe conference.
Actually sounds like it works sort of like iron core memory.
I can hardly contain my excitement.
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