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I'm not a football fan, so I'm not exactly the target audience. But aren't there some classic games that you would like to be able to go back and watch again? That seems like a pretty cool feature to me.
Likewise I've never broken an iPhone screen and I've had one since the original.  It is not hard to see what kind of klutz this person is.  However, this is a legal dispute so it seems to me that the terms of the agreement matter more than how klutzy someone is.  AppleCare+ covers damage from mishandling (really!). The terms for that are: "If during the Plan Term you submit a valid claim notifying Apple that the Covered Device has failed due to accidental damage from...
A great many users are not as technically astute as you may be and simply expect Apple products to work the way they want them to.  If they are able to listen to the music off-line on their computers, they might reasonably expect to be able to take the music to the gym on their iPods. OBVIOUSLY nobody could think of a way to synch cached music to a non-internet enabled device by requiring the device to synch to an internet connected device,etc.  Or at least you can't. ...
"the risk of security failure due to an out-of-date Flash version..."   The big risk is security failure with current Flash version.  Adobe continues to update Flash as more and more zero-days are discovered. 
The author is correct. Existing handwriting input methods do exist,
Fassbender looks so different from Jobs that I have some trouble with the character. Been a long time since I read that Bio, but I am not under the impression there was much open conflict between Woz and Jobs. I thought it was more that Woz felt betrayed and maybe bitter but didn't really confront him about it. I recall like Woz being upset about the whole Atari Breakout thing, etc.
[quote name="konqerror" url="/t/186737/apple-is-making-the-watch-better-by-making-it-even-more- They should never have launched third-party apps in the state it's in. Now, after what 4 months on the market, developers will have to rewrite their apps to run directly on the watch. Guess how many people will do that? [/quote] I'll guess. ALL of the developers.
Not just for forgotten phones.  Perhaps dead, damaged, or otherwise temporarily unavailable phones?
I find it odd that selling 700,000 smart watches "pales in comparison to larger more established firms." 700k is a pretty good chunk of the market. Pebble's failure in my view is having quite excellent sales and still depending on the kindness of strangers to stay afloat.
If you want to drag that old relic into the debate....They did do a game console, with Bandai. The Pippin. I saw it for sale in Japan.
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