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I don't see Lichtenstein in this. I happened to visit MoMA on Friday and saw his work, which I like a lot. (my daughter bought a print of one of his pieces). I definitely see the inspiration of Haring and just plain imitation of Britto.Recall Apple/Jobs was upset about essentially competing against their own work with Samsung. That is essentially what Britto has to do here. It is almost exactly his style. Apple didn't do anything wrong, they shouldn't have to pay...
I may have exaggerated my level of diligence. I listened to the 90 sec previews in iTunes. In any event, you reinforce my point that similarities are enough to prevail in a lawsuit. I don't think this one is a stretch at all. One could easily think that the images were produced by the original artist.
Actually, the Estate of Marvin Gaye successfully sued Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams over the song "Blurred Lines," because it had a similar style.  I listened to the two songs back to back and didn't really hear it myself. . . .  so I don't have a hard time believing this guy can prevail in his lawsuit. http://www.cnn.com/2015/03/12/entertainment/blurred-lines-lawyer-billboard-feat/
One of those hilarious April 6th pranks? If you check the LG press release, you will see that they referred to the iMac.  BTW, press release also not on April1 .
I think RichL intended that as some sort of irony since they're "capitalists."  If I'm wrong, my apologies. One would expect a monarchy with laws based on Sharia to be like all other "capitalists."  And you have to cut the socialists some slack since they're doing it all for the common good.  The Soviets needed a canal in less than 2 years and they got one.  They really are good at those things. And who better than enemies of the people to build it?  According to official...
So true. Nothing quite like the threat of death to keep those shovels moving. Those socialists really know how to build a canal or mass-transit system.  If free labor is just an inexhaustible raw material, it doesn't matter much if there is a bit of waste or spoilage, does it?
That's true, but law enforcement isn't going to let your old device get network connectivity to prevent you from doing that.  Maybe needless to say, but you can buy special bags that will block radio signals and keep the device from connecting to anything.
This guy has a pretty clear view of the situation. When you can get a beautiful Apple Watch (I love it) for the same price or cheaper than a Swiss watch that doesn't have all the good health sensors, etc., it's hard for me to consider the plain ol' watch. I know a watch has a longer (or practically infinite) battery life, I don't care. I wouldn't wear a watch to know what time it is, I want all the other stuff. For all that, I am already accustomed to charging...
True, but those spy agencies have been engaged in this game against their countries' adversaries.  In this case we have a government agency treating its own people as adversaries.
I can say that about all investments.  We'll see what you say in 10 years   As you wrote previously, you can always sell the gold.  However, the gold content probably won't account for more than 10%-20% of the cost of the thing.  If you're selling it for the melt value, it probably won't have been a great investment.  You're probably better off enjoying it.  Of course, some folks are getting damn good money for an unopened original iPhone, so who knows?
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