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This might be a really minor point, but pentalobe screws do not prevent users from "cracking open" the Retina MBP.  The pentalobe screws do mean that users need to buy a pentalobe screwdriver or bit to open the thing.  Of course, if they do just want to crack it open, no screwdriver is really needed.  
Clearly, pentalobe screws don't "prevent" users from getting inside the thing.  They can only deter.  
Why would you want an insulator?  I know we don't want to keep the heat in.  
I don't think many people do.   But judging by the comments, the camera is important to those that do.  I use the front-facing camera for 2 things: to make sure my tie is straight, and occasionally to take a picture of myself.  Usually I am taking pictures of my kids, etc. and don't appear in many.  
I think the iPad screen size is right for education.  They could come out with a cheaper education model that's based on iPad2: the same screen size, but with tough plastics instead of aluminum and perhaps a cheaper screen like the iPad1 LCD.  No need to go to smaller size to get the price point down.
My wife bought a Fire right when they came out (preordered I think) and she was quite excited.  However she was quickly frustrated with the performance of the thing, returned it, and went back to her Kindle.  I had an iPad and she questioned the point of it, it didn't appeal to her.  Now she has the "new" iPad and loves it.   I think the stats on the Kindle Fire and other smaller tablets would cause Apple to rethink any plans for a mini iPad.  I suspect the rumored...
I expect the lawyers already have all the live rodents they can eat.
I think I agree on his design sense. Those iPod column things look stupid, almost like free-standing ashtrays and you're guaranteed to trip over them when the lights are low. Also, the Ikea vases are fine (loads of Ikea in my house) but it doesn't exactly say "high-end," it says something more like "Now only $6.99."But I think that couch on the left is at least a foot or two from the radiator.
I disagree, those douchebags know full well that everyone else on the train is bothered by it.
Does the new version of Filemaker Go work with earlier versions of FM databases? We're not going to be upgrading for awhile. Are previous versions of FM Go still available and are they free now?
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