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Great article, most informative. There are a lot of products Apple is working on for which we haven't heard any rumors yet, and they also won't be announced at the Thursday event.
 It just occurred to me that Apple could potentially implement TouchID on the Mac using the TPM platform, which I think has been on the Mac motherboard since the switch to Intel.  I know the first Macbook Pro had it but I don't know about subsequent models.
Two people quickly observed what I forgot, which is the secure enclave.  I suppose they could use an ARM coprocessor or they'd have to implement it another way.  Continuity is a great idea for payments but I don't know if it would address authenticating to the computer in the first place.  In any case, I think you successfully quashed my idea for a touch id on the desktop. By the way, I would have put it on the Magic Trackpad for the desktops.  Yes, there would be a...
No rumors to this effect, but I think it's time they added Touch ID to all Macs as well. That is the feature I am hoping for. We wouldn't use Apple Pay but we could use it to authenticate to the computer, to access keychain, websites, etc.
Rogifan: Some manufacturers count a sale when a phone is sold to a carrier. Sell-through indicates that the phone sold to the end-user and isn't on the shelf or in the stockroom of a store somewhere.
Airnerd: Not aware that this requires a data plan. As for your other comments, we'll see.
Using Siri is tough at 200m!
"Under the watch of close friend Jony Ive...." No pun intended, right?
Shortage means that Apple won't have as many phones available at launch as they wanted. JP Morgan says no impact, IMO because people who can't get a new iphone immediately will wait and not switch to a competitor. Apple gets the sale whether it is on launch day or a few weeks later. I think JP Morgan is pretty much correct. They'll lose a few sales to people who don't care much one way or the other. Probably gain some converts due to the additional cachet of a phone...
Damn, I won't be able to use that sandpaper iPhone case I was working on.  I won't be able to carry the phone in my pocket with sandpaper either.  Screw Apple, I am going Samsung.
New Posts  All Forums: