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Two thoughts: 1) The parts could be something in the supply chain for a Chinese knock-off. Not necessarily Apple parts. 2)  This screen will be much easier to replace than the screen of the iPhone 4/4S.  To replace the 4 screen, you have to completely disassemble the phone - taking out nearly everything including the logic board.  This one will be like the 3/3GS, in that you only need to remove 2 screws and lift it (and carefully detach cables.).
Yes, I think it would be so hard.  Mini and micro usb is not very good for accessories that function as docks for the phone.  
To my mind, the strongest argument against NoiseFree's claims is that they don't make any sense.  NoiseFree alleges that Apple stole their technology and gave it to NoiseFree's competitor, and then licensed it from that competitor.  Why would they do that?  What sense does that make?  Don't tell me they would do that to save $0.05/unit.   They also allege that some of their technology was found in Apple's patent filing.  This also makes no sense.  If NoiseFree had...
This is a silly article.   First of all, is anyone aware of any non-Apple notebook that has sales that are constrained by lack of availability?  Any notebook maker? Dell?  HP?  Lenovo?  Acer?  Toshiba?  I'm reading about lackluster sales.  I'm not reading about lines at the door or waiting lists.   Secondly, it's a free market.  If Apple is paying $10, then they can offer $11.  If Apple is willing to prepay or commit to a large order, then they can do that, or...
This might be a really minor point, but pentalobe screws do not prevent users from "cracking open" the Retina MBP.  The pentalobe screws do mean that users need to buy a pentalobe screwdriver or bit to open the thing.  Of course, if they do just want to crack it open, no screwdriver is really needed.  
Clearly, pentalobe screws don't "prevent" users from getting inside the thing.  They can only deter.  
Why would you want an insulator?  I know we don't want to keep the heat in.  
I don't think many people do.   But judging by the comments, the camera is important to those that do.  I use the front-facing camera for 2 things: to make sure my tie is straight, and occasionally to take a picture of myself.  Usually I am taking pictures of my kids, etc. and don't appear in many.  
I think the iPad screen size is right for education.  They could come out with a cheaper education model that's based on iPad2: the same screen size, but with tough plastics instead of aluminum and perhaps a cheaper screen like the iPad1 LCD.  No need to go to smaller size to get the price point down.
My wife bought a Fire right when they came out (preordered I think) and she was quite excited.  However she was quickly frustrated with the performance of the thing, returned it, and went back to her Kindle.  I had an iPad and she questioned the point of it, it didn't appeal to her.  Now she has the "new" iPad and loves it.   I think the stats on the Kindle Fire and other smaller tablets would cause Apple to rethink any plans for a mini iPad.  I suspect the rumored...
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