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The example given was a movie download. The win for whoever sells the movie, is that they'll sell more movies. The price of the bandwidth would be built into the price of the movie. Presumably the developer or whoever will be buying data wholesale and won't be paying $15/gb or whatever AT&T charges. A similar system could work for in-app purchases, the developer sells more in-app add-ons and part of the price is for bandwidth. It's another option, I don't see why...
Has anyone considered the fact that the trademark may be worth billions now, but it was NOT when Apple (or iPAd Ltd or whoever) bought it. Apple MADE IT worth billions by creating a great product and marketing it like crazy.
Once you open that Pandora's box, you can't close it. Better to tell the official's sons to go to hell. $100b is also enough to keep them boxed up waiting for bribes up to the grave. They have a lot of officials with a lot of sons. Don't confuse "the nation" with "the rule of law" or "the people." If the Chinese government can be convinced that the ban would harm the Chinese government, that will be a powerful factor.
The argument about hurting the Chinese national interest is only about the question of banning iPad sales, not about the underlying trademark dispute. Proview wants a ban on iPad sales before the trademark dispute is finally settled. Since Proview has no product, no sales, no competing "iPad" product, no nothing, they are not harmed by continued sale of the iPad. Obviously Apple would be harmed, but Apple's alleging also a harm to China from a ban on the sale of Apple's...
If you happen to be a Chinese person, that second condition isn't exactly a deal-breaker. Sharing a room with 7 other guys . . .
If you have a MBA and often find you need an ethernet port, I can understand your criticism. If you don't yet have a MBA and think you will often need one, you may find you don't. When I got my MBA, I bought the USB-ethernet adapter at the same time. When the adapter remained in the package for a few months, I got rid of it. I like the current arrangement that keeps the MBA nice and light and small and elegant. The USB-ethernet adapter ought to be fine for people...
Hasn't the failure of Flash on mobile platforms been proven well enough? Apple was absolutely right to keep it off of iOS. It's time for websites to stop using it.
How about doing a story where you go inside some US factories where nobody is working?
With trademark issue, it doesn't matter where the iPads are made. China is a huge market for Apple, and the trademark dispute would arise even if the iPads were made in the US (which is preposterous). So long as we pay people to not work, they will never accept work like assembling iPads.
"We've learned and struggled for a few years here figuring out how to make a decent [TV]," [Mosely] apparently laughed about with [] last Thursday morning. "PC guys are not going to just figure this out. They're not going to just walk in." Remember when that Palm CEO made wisecracks like that? http://www.engadget.com/2006/11/21/p...hs-off-iphone/ Yeah, we were all just watching that on our Palm Treos and Palm (what were the new ones called? LOL!)
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