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tt92618, I'm not going to call it crap - but I don't know how well this will work out. I don't think it's an "iPhone killer." I like the pricing - more storage for the price, plus a year of Amazon Prime (costs $99/yr now I think) I don't think it's ugly. I just think these key features are likely to get annoying. But then, some folks didn't think the internet would ever really catch on, so who knows?
That's a cute response.  Many characters in the show "The Simpsons" are not members of the Simpsons "family."   However, the members of the "family" are colored in the same unnatural way as many of the emoji.
I understand their point better, but those emoji do appear to represent Asians rather than "white people."  If someone has a problem with it, they can design a font with any colors of people they wish.
As people go, it's the presence of pigment and not the absence that defines a "person of color."  People aren't made using a "color system."   I really don't understand why the various race-baiting bigots believe that emoji represent "white people," unless they think "white people" are colored like The Simpsons.  Emoji are an Asian thing.  If they're supposed to represent any group, I'd suppose it would be Asians.   The discussion, and the current state of American...
Maybe it just means there are 8 new features in the new OS. Or it's an iPhone with an 8 inch screen! Or a tip-off for Samsung! Hey guys, turgid is the new style!
I don't think that's what Apple is doing.  I think they know what they want it to do and they're incorporating what's needed into the next version of iOS and MacOS.  My guess is the iWatch will be more of a partner to the phone than anything Samsung has offered.  Perhaps the watch will be another factor for unlocking the phone.  I expect it will be bundle of sensors to feed additional data to the phone and display notifications from the phone.  I don't think the primary...
Given that we can already use iPhones for mobile payments, does the NFC chip add enough convenience to justify the expense, etc?  Can't Apple do well enough without it?
I think technically you are correct, but it doesn't really work that way. I think the trade takes 3days to settle before you're the "shareholder of record." And in any event, the shares will open down by about the dividend amount after it's paid.
Greg in Prague: I don't think that will work. I'm not an accountant, etc but the debt and the eurozone cash are held by different legal entities.
Let's hope that the company gets their device to work properly with iOS7. (Maybe iOS7.1?) Since the OS update, the Automatic does not work automatically on an iPhone 5s. Maybe they should just call it Manual. When it was working, it was great. I learned to change my driving habits a little bit and got 15% better gas mileage. Not just according to the app, also according to my odometer.
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