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Does the new version of Filemaker Go work with earlier versions of FM databases? We're not going to be upgrading for awhile. Are previous versions of FM Go still available and are they free now?
I am not a lawyer, but I don't think you've interpreted it correctly. I think when a company is preparing for litigation, they make the strongest and most expansive case possible to encourage settlement and heh, maybe to intimidate as well. I expect that this can make for potentially a very lengthy case that can be confusing and time consuming for the judge and very expensive for the litigants. Some of the claims may require a lot of work when they are not really...
I'm sure Apple will offer Motorola the right to use that patent on the same sort of FRAND terms that Moto offers for standards-essential patents.
The 60 refers to the question from a stockholder with 60 shares.
I read the legal submissions and the evidence that was available online and Apple bought the trademark free and clear. They did not make any mistake,other than perhaps dealing with these jerks in the first place.
As we know from all the lawsuits being tossed about, it can cost money for all the little technologies that go into these chips. The article points out that the A5 in the iPhone contains circuitry specifically to facilitate Siri speech recognition, something these AppleTVs will never do. I don't know how ARM licensing works, but I assume they pay by the processor core, so why pay for more? There are probably dozens of things Apple can cut or add to its custom silicon to...
Patented technologies are used in standards when the owner of the patent is willing to license the technology on fair terms. If using a technology as part of a standard would mean that the owner could put the squeeze on anyone entering a market, that technology would not be used as part of the standard. Apple technologies were used as part of the MP4 standard, as I recall, and we don't see lawsuits or hear a lot of bitching and moaning about Apple being unfair with it.
The example given was a movie download. The win for whoever sells the movie, is that they'll sell more movies. The price of the bandwidth would be built into the price of the movie. Presumably the developer or whoever will be buying data wholesale and won't be paying $15/gb or whatever AT&T charges. A similar system could work for in-app purchases, the developer sells more in-app add-ons and part of the price is for bandwidth. It's another option, I don't see why...
Has anyone considered the fact that the trademark may be worth billions now, but it was NOT when Apple (or iPAd Ltd or whoever) bought it. Apple MADE IT worth billions by creating a great product and marketing it like crazy.
Once you open that Pandora's box, you can't close it. Better to tell the official's sons to go to hell. $100b is also enough to keep them boxed up waiting for bribes up to the grave. They have a lot of officials with a lot of sons. Don't confuse "the nation" with "the rule of law" or "the people." If the Chinese government can be convinced that the ban would harm the Chinese government, that will be a powerful factor.
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