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Who wants to watch YouTube on TV?   That's one of the main things we use the AppleTV for, and here's why:  In addition to Justin Bieber and videos of kittens and hamsters, there is a vast number  of archived television shows and movies from around the world. Part of my family is from Russia, and we watch a lot of Russian tv on Youtube, through the AppleTV to our TV.  The quality is generally excellent.
You guys are awfully defensive about the AppleTV.  Roku sold 5million units a lot faster than Apple sold 5 million units, and it's not a hobby for them.  The only way Google will sell any of their $35 dongles is because folks haven't heard of Roku.  For $15 more, you get a MUCH better device.   We have had an AppleTV for a number of years, starting with the first version, and then the first small version.  I started out using it just to stream media from a home...
Most of this commentary is utterly uninformed.  I sold quite a bit of my AAPL shares about a month or so ago so I can speak to this better than most of you.     One might sell in anticipation of a generally bad stock market ahead of the "fiscal cliff."  I think people expect our elected "leaders" to resolve that, but there is quite a lot of uncertainty.  One could sell now to lock in the gains at the current tax rate, and buy it back.   I had (and have) AAPL in...
Not good that the data wasn't secured, but the publisher deserves credit for coming forward with it.
Two thoughts: 1) The parts could be something in the supply chain for a Chinese knock-off. Not necessarily Apple parts. 2)  This screen will be much easier to replace than the screen of the iPhone 4/4S.  To replace the 4 screen, you have to completely disassemble the phone - taking out nearly everything including the logic board.  This one will be like the 3/3GS, in that you only need to remove 2 screws and lift it (and carefully detach cables.).
Yes, I think it would be so hard.  Mini and micro usb is not very good for accessories that function as docks for the phone.  
To my mind, the strongest argument against NoiseFree's claims is that they don't make any sense.  NoiseFree alleges that Apple stole their technology and gave it to NoiseFree's competitor, and then licensed it from that competitor.  Why would they do that?  What sense does that make?  Don't tell me they would do that to save $0.05/unit.   They also allege that some of their technology was found in Apple's patent filing.  This also makes no sense.  If NoiseFree had...
This is a silly article.   First of all, is anyone aware of any non-Apple notebook that has sales that are constrained by lack of availability?  Any notebook maker? Dell?  HP?  Lenovo?  Acer?  Toshiba?  I'm reading about lackluster sales.  I'm not reading about lines at the door or waiting lists.   Secondly, it's a free market.  If Apple is paying $10, then they can offer $11.  If Apple is willing to prepay or commit to a large order, then they can do that, or...
This might be a really minor point, but pentalobe screws do not prevent users from "cracking open" the Retina MBP.  The pentalobe screws do mean that users need to buy a pentalobe screwdriver or bit to open the thing.  Of course, if they do just want to crack it open, no screwdriver is really needed.  
Clearly, pentalobe screws don't "prevent" users from getting inside the thing.  They can only deter.  
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