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You sure are lucky you were born where you were. The main problem with that $30b quote is that it is total BS. Assuming it were true, there's that give a man a fish, he'll eat for a day thing.. . . Knowing that it isn't true, the UN is a corrupt organization that would waste more than that to feed a small part of the hungry, and the UN would never address or even acknowledge the actual causes of hunger in much of the world. Take North Korea for example. . . . most of...
Apple can announce a dividend in any amount they think they can sustainably pay out. The dividend yield is a percentage of the share price. Thus, if the dividend amount stays the same, the yield will rise and fall with the price of the stock. We're talking about a potential $5-$10/share dividend, I think.
Great way to distribute that cash horde to the proletarians. Only problem is that if packing fruit is work that "Americans don't want to do," how do you think you'll get people to put together iPhones? It's pretty difficult and tedious work. The workers won't be more productive and they will cost much more, and that will lead to a non-competitive retail price. I'm sure you feel really badly for those people that volunteer to work in Chinese factories, but you'll be...
Actually .. . XBMC can now be installed on ATv2. That's not all of Boxee, but I think that's what most people want.
Two Words: Top Gear Top Gear UK really rocks. Look for their trips across Africa, South America, the Middle East, etc. Those are the best. I watched a really incredible movie a few days ago, IP Man - you seriously won't regret finding that one. It's about the master who taught Bruce Lee and his experience during the Japanese occupation of Manchuria. Might sound a bit obscure or too educational, but really this is an amazing flick.
I jailbroke my Gen1 AppleTV and the performance was too bad. I ought to do it on my current AppleTV and see how it is. The other thing is that, at least on ATV gen1, the XBMC and other apps were kindof quirky and while I could deal with it, my non-technical wife had little tolerance for crap.
I don't think it's Amazon's choice to put their content on AppleTV. I agree the Amazon Prime UI is pretty lame. You might like it better with the iOS Roku app.
I don't know about iPhone/Pod but the real need is for the ability to watch Amazon Prime on an AppleTV. There are a few content channels on AppleTV, but it is obviously not trivial to get on there. If the AppleTV were opened up to apps, this would've been done a long time ago.FWIW, we have an AppleTV and bought a Roku just for Amazon Prime. The AppleTV doesn't get used much anymore. Roku is excellent for the internets, but doesn't get stuff off my content server, so we...
They've got "antivirus" checking signatures and with heuristics running on their marketplace. How well did that work for PCs? And is that the only place people get their software for Android (no? really?)
Especially when you call it the "Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation." If he called it the MS Bob foundation, nobody would remember it. Jobs wasn't a Christian but it is a Christian teaching that you are supposed to keep quiet about your charitable activities, for if you've done them for praise then you've "already received your reward." That said, (and Gates isn't a Christian either), part of Gates' purpose in publicizing what he is doing is to encourage other wealthy...
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