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Obfuscating the key would only work so long as nobody figures out how it was obfuscated. I don't know but would expect that File Vault already does. As for pseudo-random memory addresses, I don't think that would help much either since checking all of the addressable memory space is a much easier problem to solve than a brute force attack. This attack on the encryption key isn't a new one. All that's new is the attention to the Mac.
The vulnerability is not a reason to not use File Vault. The fact is that encryption software that is decrypting on the fly is going have the key in memory. I think the same thing applies to PGP whole drive encryption though it wasn't cited. Same thing with Bitlocker, same thing with Truecrypt (a fine free product!!). The lesson is that you need to shut down the computer so there's nothing in memory if you want it to be secure. That's it. If you shut down, they can't...
Neil Young is making himself look a fool. I'm sure we'd all love better sound quality especially without other compromises, but the very idea that anyone in 2011 or 2012 would develop and sell a device that "could store like 30 albums" and that you could "carry around in your pocket like an iPhone" is ridiculous. The original 5gb iPod destroyed the mass market for those things forever. Remember how everyone bought those MP3 players that could hold like 30 albums? Me...
It seems to me that Amazon's original scheme of selling books at a loss was anticompetitive behavior and clearly not a business model they intended to continue once they developed and monopolized that market. Amazon is a business and they are in it to make money. There was a day when the overseas producers were selling semiconductors in the US under cost and it was called dumping and there were trade sanctions imposed to prevent it. The theory was that they would put...
They'll have to be able to handle dozens of streams simultaneously. When does amateur hour end? Any predictions?
Apple could just shut her down, distribute the money to the shareholders.
You're playing that all wrong. No need to default. The correct response is "What US Treasury securities? I'm afraid you've gotten some counterfeits."
My car was totaled the other day and I need a new one. There is a new model of a car I might want coming in a few months, but I need a car rather earlier than that. It would be the same with phones. If my phone was somehow lost/stolen/destroyed, I would be in the market for a replacement right now.
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