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I work in healthcare and I'll tell you that Masimo is the "Apple" of the pulse oximeter world. Very creative company. Hopefully this guy brings something to the table.
What Apple did to Aperture In October hardly resembles an update IMHO.
Microsoft will go down as the Woolworth's of technology. 
Good God, Larry. GE has fared pretty well without Edison. Ford has done OK without, well, Ford. Apple will be just fine without Steve. How will Oracle be without you? This man has no sense of legacy.
Perhaps now that Forstall is gone, Apple can "catch up" on features for iOS. (sarcasm) That said, the Almighty Woz should go back home, put on his CPAP, and take a nap.
Wonder which will suck more?   A.  The "jOBS" movie   B.  The entire Surface product line   C.  All of the above  
God, this movie is gonna s u c k
I can see these devices being replaced (or at least supplemented) by an iOS 'device' and a dedicated sensor/dongle:   Blood glucose meter Pulse oximeter Blood pressure monitor EKG Fetal heart monitor Ultrasound Polysomnography (sleep study)   It would be great for so many reasons.  However, the Affordable Care Act includes a medical device tax for manufacturers of such devices.   Nothing like labeling your law "affordable" and then taxing the very...
Sinofsky's legacy will one of skipping around on stage telling us how freakin' GREAT the Surface is.
    Buy more   I did.
New Posts  All Forums: