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People come and go in corporations.   Big freakin' deal.   I have not had a single problem with the maps program and the turn-by-turn directions have been pretty damn accurate.   -----------------------   New CEO's routinely clean house and bring in "their" people.  My bet is that Forstall was a sacred cow that nobody liked, and Cook took the opportunity to deal with him.
and once again, you come off as if you know EVERYTHING.
Ya know, a glitch like this in Android would certainly get fixed with a software update.....   in about 9 months.
You're looking at it wrong.
Who here want's a self driving car?   And how on earth could the experience be "life changing"?   Schmidt clearly has "one wheel in the ditch".
I see plenty of folks who don't use a case with their phone. I simply think it's not a wise design choice, there is no denying that aluminum is not the most durable metal. Sure, its easy to mill, and is relatively strong, but not in the least more resistant to scuffs than say plastics or other metals.
What qualifies you to discount my thought that he WOULD NOT agree with me?   BTW, I have a MFA in Fine Arts   Not trolling, just expressing my thoughts and asking a legitimate question.
OK Mr. Smarty Pants.   A phone goes in your pocket, your purse, etc....   Laptops, yea even the shiny ones that Apple makes, usually find there way into a soft cushioned cradle called a laptop bag.   But you know all this already...you are the omniscient Tallest Skil.   Whatever.   I still think Al was a stupid material to utilize for a handheld device.
Aluminum was a dumb idea for a device that is handled on a daily basis.   Sorry, Dieter Rams would probably agree.   It's gonna scratch whether that be in production or when it makes contact with your car keys.   That said, is aluminum CHEAPER to mill than plastic is to mold?   Is Apple's reasoning to use aluminum solely based on costs to produce?
  I have owned every version of the iPhone.   Not once have I ever wished, or needed, to carry around more stuff to keep up with.
New Posts  All Forums: