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Android IS open, and really open to malware. Tick tock tick tock. Matter of time until thieves start stealing loads of data from folks. It'll make malware on a PC look like shoplifting.
and Mr Jobs snickers.
Ya know, them problem I have with this is understanding WHAT business Google want's to be in... It's like they want to be in everybody's business (media / search / ads / patent suit revenue) JUST for the sake of what? Search and ad revenue? Puhlease... as a Google investor, I'd be asking some hard questions, looking for some CLEAR answers, as to the INTENT of this acquisition. And I would not take "patent value" as an answer. No, Google MUST have ulterior...
I know of exactly ZERO people that own anything BUT an iPad. I live in a metropolitan city of appx. 1 million. I've seen numbers like 63% , but I honestly think Apple's tablet market share is more like 80-90%
Year or two....funny. In "tech years", a year or two equates to something like a decade.
You know, the obvious disparity between Apple's sales of iPad's et.al. and whatever meaningful sales of Brand X's tablets really highlights the depth and breadth of Apple's engineering prowess. Job's said it so much himself when introducing the original iPad. He said something to the effect that going into the project of making the iPad, it had to be a KILLER product or the market would flatly reject it. Well, the market has embraced it in a way that all of Brand...
Paypal is just full of so many holes. I've personally been hacked 3 times. I've never had a credit card issue....ever. So I closed my Paypal account. Just don't trust them...
I would sell my 15" MBP (sandybridge) for a Air with the same screen size and don't really care about quad vs. dual core.... Wish they did this months ago. But have we not heard this all before?
The OS they sell is largely transparent because it runs on someone else's hardware. They can try and build a brand, but I think it's a waste of time.
Where is MSFT gonna put these stores? Really? Apple selects upperscale malls and higher-end retail areas because they know who their customers are. MSFT's demographics are vastly different and I bet they don't have a clue who they will be trying to attract. I suppose a MSFT store will be coming to a stripmall near you. Right between the nail and tanning salons.
New Posts  All Forums: