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I overheard a Fandroid say yesterday, "the iPhone is proof that marketing can overcome an inferior product."   HA    HA   HA   (then I took his money playing golf, money he didn't spend on his cheap **** Samdung phone).
Good point. But i bet the store is up and running tomorrow. There is no way that Apple retail would allow a store to not be ready for the launch of the iPhone five
600,000 dollars damage?   hardly
  Yes, I've experienced routine GoogleDoc freezes in Safari.   Works OK in Chrome.   Seems the weak link with G-Docs is the fact it is emulated across multiple browsers.   I would hope Apple has noticed this and will work to avoid this issue.
Hoping turn-by-turn navigation is worth a damn.   I'm in the market for a new GPS and would like to "get one" with a simple install of iOS6.   Garmin, Tom Tom, et. al, should be nervous.
EULA Apparently Mr. Willis doesn't know how to read an end-user license agreement or he skips over it just like everybody else does. This is so freaking stupid. I hate it when Hollywood types get their panties in a wad and start trying to make the world a better place.
  Thanks for those prophetic words it being your first post and all.   Think different?   Apple supporters have been forever.  We don't need your encouragement.     Thanks for playing.
The fact that such a manual exists is, in fact, genius. 
Crash, boom, and bamb.   Those are word that describe what Ballmer does each morning when he's, once again, out innovated, out maneuvered, etc.
  Good one.
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