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IF this device comes to fruition, it will be, hands down, THE item on every kids holiday list.   You hear that sound?   That's the sound of Nintendo and Sony shutting the doors on their handheld divisions.   BOOM goes the dynamite!
When does SAMMY write a big check with LOTS of zeros?
Why would I not be honestly serious? iOS and it's widespread implementation has really transformed the way a lot of people compute today. Don't underestimate iOS and what it means to the post-PC era (which I firmly believe is a real thing). I say iOS is "overlooked" because really the software fades to the background as we interact with our devices. That's a good thing and perhaps is the essence of Apple's success. Such tight integration of hardware and software is a...
iOS is perhaps the most overlooked achievement in computing history???
Apple just got up off the floor and TOOK BACK its lunch money. Innovate or DIE bitches! ....and in the spirit of truly innovating, we are still awaiting the Vapor, err, I mean Surface, to, um, well surface.
Safari still blows regardless of whatever 'big cat' it runs on.
It would be AWESOME if Cook, channelling Jobs, introduces the next iPhone and then says, "we have one more thing"...   a 7 inch iPad mini will easily fit in a "stocking hung by the chimney with care".   How does 900 bucks a share sound campers?   I like it a lot.     --------------------------   the next sound you hear is Nintendo and Sony shoveling dirt on their handheld gaming plans
In other news, Dominoes has filed suit against Papa Johns.   Dominoes claims that they have been damaged by the fact that Papa John's pizzas are also round.     This has to end sometime, right?
Forstall will probably tell Sammy to go "f" themseleves and just walk out.
Apparently, Best Buy is wrongly calling it the iPhone 4.   According to some folks, calling it the iPhone 4 is a big, bad misnomer.   And misnomers piss the mods off.  
New Posts  All Forums: