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  My original, innocent post was the genesis for the ensuing conversation (see page one of the comments) by mentioning "iPhone 5".   Yet, you've proceeded to debate and correct everyone over the definition of "iPhone 5" with what one might say, as evidenced above, in a condescending tone.   It's so comforting to know that we have such a knowledgeable moderator like you to keep us retards in line.   That said, what is your role as moderator anyway?   Your bully pulpit...
    What's "already out"?
Of course, this headline will be meaningless when the iPhone 5 is released.
Great, now it'll be easier to post pictures of your cat. Die Facebook, just die.
The Higgs boson will prove more tangible than a Surface.
They could've named it the "Geek Bar", but they'd probably get sued.
Walked in and out of a Best Buy the other day. Upon leaving, I commented that it felt like I had just visited a Radio Shack. I really wasn't gonna purchase anything, and the employees really didn't care I was there. Too much inventory of crap that no one care about (CD's / DVD's / toys / refrigerators) and all the non-Apple displays were dirty or non-functional. No soul. No direction.
Bill is off his meds.
to be honest, Safari sucks big time.
  Seems like every Target, Best Buy, and Walmart I visit has 10-20 of the things in stock.     I, for one, think there is a point of saturation for the iPad that is reached much, much earlier than the iPhone.   I don't know what that point is, but the iPad market has to be smaller than the smartphone segment, and thus, saturation in some form is reached with lower per unit sales.
New Posts  All Forums: