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  Apparently, Wells Fargo Securities is the Digitimes of financial prognostication.
Uh, why did Wells Fargo stop covering AAPL?   I'm only asking because to "resume" something implies that you "stopped" previously.     As an investment bank, you'd think they'd never stop covering the wealthiest company on the planet.
  Tim Cook is responsible for this part.....................................................^^^^^^^   Profit is all that matters long term.
You're looking at it wrong.   - S. Jobs.
This just in....   (FAKE PRESS RELEASE)   In attempts to monetize the Windows 8 "ecosystem", Microsoft will launch an "app store".   This will allow users to install things called apps onto devices like the Surface.   Observers have pointed out that the Redmond WA. based software giant is taking this move in an attempt to compete with Apple's wildly popular iPad.     Speculation is that manufacturing the Surface will pose quite a challenge from a...
    Perhaps they should have called it the Vapor?   I'll bet a steak dinner that we never see this product.....ever.
  Other appropriate usernames:   commodore64 joe   pilot of the palm   trs80   You get the point
How many times did they remind us that the sides were chamfered at 22 millimeters? At least half a dozen times. That the kick stand was as thin as a hotel room key? At least 3. The Surface may be engineering marvel. What did they make, like two of them for the demo? Hahaha. Evolve or DIE? Sure, Microsoft gets points for acknowledging the problem that they really have NO MOBILE STRATEGY that is congruent, realistic, or sustainable. Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot about...
I hear that wearing a tinfoil hat makes one invisible to such mapping initiatives.
Facebook is like a rash that won't go away.
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