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You're holding it wrong.
    Uh, how do YOU know I don't know him?  Welcome to the Internet pal.   No, he never claimed to be altruistic....but....   Ya know, he continually hides behind the whole "open and connected" facade.   Meanwhile, Zuckerberg has publicly dodged questions about Facebook's privacy policy, user complaints are treated with disdain, and when cornered on issues, he replies with some Zen-like psycho-babble that leave Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher feeling sorry for him.   Don't...
  Tallest didn't say Facebook was bankrupt...he only wished it upon them.
Oh, and Zuckerberg's recent quote about Facebook existing to only "make the world more open and connected" is perhaps the biggest pile of crap ever.   He is NOT that altruistic.   Neither are his new shareholders.   He is so full of it.
Facebook's big problem is that social networking sites have become ubiquitous to the internet.   Much like the white/yellow pages (the original social network) people have come to expect that "it simply exists".   Not sure how Zuckerberg overcomes the perception of Facebook as just another part of the internet....not sure how they create revenue from mobile.
  my comment was that this country has no clue what to do on energy...   doesn't matter if we could drill THROUGH the Earth and suck crude oil from under the Middle East...   meanwhile, Obama will continue to tour bankrupt solar panel making companies.
  iDunno about that.
    what energy reserves???   you're just plain crazy if you think the USA has an effective energy policy that will lower energy costs to consumers.   that is just laughable.
I have 4 of these units running now for three months.  1 in my corporate office and 3 at home.   Already seeing a drop off in kilowatts used and the power bills are starting to drop as well.   To all those folks who think it's a mistake to sell these in Apple stores, well, home automation is a growing product segment and it seems like a natural fit to me.
Betty White was right, Facebook is an enormous waste of time.
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