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And yet all of these functions are / were part of Mobile Me Come on Apple, not impressed.
amazing over reaction
Case of Budweiser Case of dog food for the dog Case of motor oil for the pickup ...and a single iPad??? I don't get this strategy at all. http://www.peopleofwalmart.com/
Steve would be on the phone asking for those Intel employees to be fired. And perhaps they should. Please Tim Cook, DO NOT BECOME RELIANT ON INTEL.
Tomorrow, I bet Apple will release iTunes 10.6.2 Jeeeesh. Whereas I like my products to be updated, it seems like there is an update every month.
Basically, the Australian "authorities" are idiots and cannot read fine print or do not understand what "up to 4G" really means. Up yours, Aussies.
Australian's apparently can't read English, or we have a very poorly defined standard for 4G just in the same way that we didn't have standards for Wi-Fi b,g and n. Or both. Put another shrimp on the barby.
Ya know, all this criticism of Apple and how they choose to deal with their pile of cash is just plain stupid. And fairly myopic. Apple's dilemma (wow, can it be called that?) is a GOOD problem to have. Apple is a US company...that has to deal with the IRS tax code (that's the dilemma). Would anyone levy the same criticism if, say, Apple was based in Thailand?
Yes, Congress has approved corporate tax holidays in the past.Problem is, every time Congress has done such, corporations just park even more money off shore hoping for another such holiday.It's a tricky situation to say the least, both for Congress and the corporations that take advantage of it.Our IRS tax code is a complete cluster - - - - .
Anyone here know how many shares are actually outstanding? I mean come on, if they are going to declare a dividend ... What could it cost?
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