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In my opinion.... I'd take it as Tim Cook was the right guy to exact Steve's vision. There is such a huge paradigm shift happening right now in computing. I don't think we all really can comprehend how HUGE tablet computing is going to be. Job's knew where the industry would be in "x" years and HAD to have a guy he was sure would make supply would meet demand. Cook's supply chain mastery (and leadership) + ive's design discipline + Forstall's ego = Job's master plan....
I was being civil.And what's vulgar is entirely subjective. Thanks for playing.
+1 to you sir. "get in my belly"
Be careful fellow Apple Insider's I was called out in a related thread (on this site) for calling protestors "douchebags" and "attention whores". Folks get their feelings (or their right-wing-politically-correct-agendas) hurt pretty easy around here. That said you can add this guy to the list of douche bag attention whores that are ganging up on Apple now.
I will not go away.
not following your lack of logic one little tiny bit.
This douche bag is on par with Martha Burke who tried to bully Augusta National Golf Club a few years back. Attention seeking whore. So was Martha.
The entire membership of Congress can take a slow lick up my backside. What a pathetic group of ethically bankrupt people.
Virtually uncertain.
Can you imagine the scene? Hundreds of F150's and Silverado's lined up overnight in anticipation of being the first to get their Apple TV.
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