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May as well give it a shot.  Not many people use iWork so it makes sense to open it up to everyone to see if it gains any traction.  Maybe they can at least beat out Google docs, as it's inferior to Office as well.
As long as we make sure each of them have Apple Care before they're dropped 
Amazing.  Monster must be getting desperate.  Maybe people have finally stopped buying their overpriced, crappy cables.  Can't stand Monster.  Apple cables are a rip-off too, but at least they're high quality.
^Wins the internet^ 
I'm hoping they offer some sort of discount (however modest) on their notebooks.  I am planning on getting my wife a 13" Macbook Air for Christmas to replace her plastic Toshiba pos.  Free Applecare perhaps?  Come on Apple make me a deal 
The judge probably gave them some guidance, but they most likely just took the average of what the jurors each thought was fair. I was on a jury once where a lady sued her homebuilder, and wanted $1M in damages.  We essentially sided with the builder.  One guy wanted to give her like $5M, but we threw that out and wound up giving her $40k.  Her reaction when we read the verdict was priceless.  We found out afterwards from the defense attorneys that they had offered her...
I'd be curious to know that as well.  I'm in a similar boat as you.  I have a 5s, and will upgrade to either a 6 or 6+ next summer.  I like the NFC addition and would love to use Apple Pay.  On the flip side, I've got a 1st gen iPad Mini that still works great for me.  I mainly use it for books, some light gaming and keeping up with football scores on the weekends.  I'm leaving it on iOS 7 for the moment - not sure how well it would run 8 (if there's even a difference). I...
How would Apple be able to buy back so many shares?  Icahn mentions their $133B in liquidity, but my understanding is that a large portion of that is held in foreign banks.  If they repatriate it to buy back stock they would have to pay taxes on it.  How do they get around that?
I've got a 2006 IS 250, and it seems to be working fine for me.  First attempt after going to 8.0.2 it dropped the call before I could answer, but has been working fine since.  Haven't tried a podcast/music yet though.  I've only used it for calls.
Oh yeah, definitely more functionality than a Fitbit.  Was just pointing out that you can get some of the data that way.  Great point on the cost of bike shirts.  I was thinking more of technical running shirts, which aren't the same quality as bike shirts.
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