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 Agreed.  Not sure what point this would make to Apple.  It's not like they're taking away any real significant revenue.  I'm sure this was met with a mild yawn in Cupertino.
Apple Maps showing you images of things that don't exist.  I'm shocked.
Well that does it.  I am closing my Wells Fargo accounts and refinancing my mortgage with someone else!   /s
Yeah, I'm curious on this as well.  I'd be shocked if Apple slipped at all.  I know there was a lot of pent-up demand for the Mac Pro.  I'd have expected a nice little increase because of that.
I haven't, and have no interest in it.  Don't need Apple pushing me product ads as I'm walking around a store.  Leaving bluetooth off.
No big surprise there. They're going to stay at the top of the charts for several weeks I'd wager as enterprise adoption begins. I wish the subscriptions were a bit cheaper, but the university rate is pretty nice. Planning on downloading and trying these this weekend.
 Exactly. I tried Numbers out last week on my iPad Mini since it's free. It can't even do a simple text-to-columns conversion. Sorry, but no dice.
 Maybe one with some bits of corn?
Surprised to see Peter go, but good for him.  Family's what's important.  He had a great run at Apple - best of luck to him in semi-retirement.  I'm not familiar with his replacement, but I can't imagine him falling too far from the tree.
New Posts  All Forums: