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 They can in no way, shape or form go private. They're a $700B+ company, and simply cannot afford it. It's not like they can just flip a switch and hop off the market. They should absolutely use this opportunity to buy back shares, however. It's absurd that the stock has gone down so much after such a great quarter. It's a good use of cash, and will save them lots of money in the long run.On an unrelated side note, I really wish there was a cost-effective way for...
Man, I can't imagine how long the line is going to be at that store on iPhone launch day
You have made TallestSkil very unhappy
Yes, but why?  Apple gives sales volumes for every other major product that they sell.  Why is the Watch any different?  You'd think that if the numbers were impressive they'd be shouting from the rooftops about it.  While I don't doubt that they've far surpassed every other smartwatch out there combined, obviously they aren't so high that they're worth reporting.
Microsoft? Not that they've "fallen to the wayside," but they're definitely off their peak valuation by a good bit.Not that i expect AAPL to go down at all, but $185 is pretty aggressive. It's not going to just keep going up into perpetuity. 150 - 160 is much more realistic.
Go Apple go! Can't wait for this service to come out. Very much looking forward to the day I can tell Comcast to shove it.
Really should be the S6-
You do realize that both of these can be true right?  Nobody else is selling smartwatches at any sort of meaningful volume, so anything Apple released was going to easily crush everyone else.  It's also entirely possible that almost everyone that wants one has one by this point.  We don't know if Apple simply started producing more Watches, or if order volumes fell off.  Either way, there's hardly any delay on new orders from what I've seen.  
Great news. I can't stand patent trolls. F Smartflash.
I'll go with 55M iPhones. Apple always blows away even the sky-high predictions. The analyst estimates for the Apple Watch is 4.25M units. I dunno if Apple will report those or not. I like the $170 target though. Go baby go!
New Posts  All Forums: