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How would Apple be able to buy back so many shares?  Icahn mentions their $133B in liquidity, but my understanding is that a large portion of that is held in foreign banks.  If they repatriate it to buy back stock they would have to pay taxes on it.  How do they get around that?
I've got a 2006 IS 250, and it seems to be working fine for me.  First attempt after going to 8.0.2 it dropped the call before I could answer, but has been working fine since.  Haven't tried a podcast/music yet though.  I've only used it for calls.
Oh yeah, definitely more functionality than a Fitbit.  Was just pointing out that you can get some of the data that way.  Great point on the cost of bike shirts.  I was thinking more of technical running shirts, which aren't the same quality as bike shirts.
Pretty cool.  Now if we could just get Glass to hook up with iOS we'd really be in business.  Would be pretty cool to have that data available in a HUD.  $399 is a pretty steep pricepoint when you can get some of the data already by wearing a Fitbit, but I'm sure the cost will come down quickly.
Heh...was hoping to upgrade to 8 once 8.0.1 came out.  Looks like I'll be waiting 8.0.2.
Could always open it up and take a gander. 
Looks beautiful IMO.  Not sure if I'll buy one, but I'm definitely intrigued.  Looks a lot better than I was anticipating.
Man you sure do love to generalize and make assumptions
"Wish we could say more"...hmm.  Sounds to me like Apple is making a microphone! 
Yeah, because people are just itching to tap their monitors constantly at work.  Brilliant
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