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They should both just follow Tesla's lead and drop the patents entirely.  Apple is going to win either way, so why continue wasting so much energy?
Analysts predicting that a lot of people are going to buy the new iPhone?  I'm shocked!  I suppose next they're going to predict that the sun will rise in the East tomorrow.
Every time I see his name I read it as Luca Brasi 
OSX San Andreas
agreed For some reason an image popped into my head of the NWA-version of Dr Dre standing next to Cook. 
Wow...almost 1 million to charity from these 2 auctions for a grand total of 2 hours of his time.  That's really impressive!  Great job Tim.  Kudos to you.
"You must construct additional pylons..."
If nothing else, Apple put a tremendous amount of pressure on Google to improve their product.  Google Maps on iOS has gotten a lot better since Apple Maps was released.  GM now has turn by turn directions, for example.  If it wasn't for Apple, I doubt we would have seen as many improvements this quickly.  So even if I don't like AM, I'm glad they're still working on it.
Good to see innovation is alive and well!  /s
Is waiting in line in the cafeteria to order and get your food included in the hour?   On a serious note, very nice thing of Cook to do.   He's going to raise a lot of money for charity by doing this.
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