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I know - I really don't have any use for Newstand or the Watch app.  It would be nice if I could just delete them and reinstall later if I choose.  Kinda baffling that Apple forces you to keep them.  I know you can throw them in a folder, but still.
Maybe they can also make it so that Apple Pay will refuse to pay for your meal if you value-sized it.  
Will gold-pressed latinum be an option?
Kind of disappointing.  I was hoping for a free, ad-supported service.  I'm not going to pay for streaming audio.  I prefer the "free to try" method and then buy the songs I like off if iTunes.  Oh well.  I guess I'll continue using crappy Spotify.  I will say I love the Internet Radio feature on iTunes.  there are a lot of great stations there (or whatever it's called - not iTunes Radio, the other one).
In Atlanta they've been great so far.  Much prefer them to a taxi.  Not sure why they want to move away from Apple/Google for mapping service.  Those two would have to be the biggest and the best I'd think.
May as well give it a shot.  Not many people use iWork so it makes sense to open it up to everyone to see if it gains any traction.  Maybe they can at least beat out Google docs, as it's inferior to Office as well.
As long as we make sure each of them have Apple Care before they're dropped 
Amazing.  Monster must be getting desperate.  Maybe people have finally stopped buying their overpriced, crappy cables.  Can't stand Monster.  Apple cables are a rip-off too, but at least they're high quality.
^Wins the internet^ 
I'm hoping they offer some sort of discount (however modest) on their notebooks.  I am planning on getting my wife a 13" Macbook Air for Christmas to replace her plastic Toshiba pos.  Free Applecare perhaps?  Come on Apple make me a deal 
New Posts  All Forums: