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Now you can turn your iPad into a Surface!  Heh. 
Only a few blocks away?!?  WOAH!!!  That's like....territory infringement or something.  The Apple Crips are not going to like that!
Why would they do this a week before Apple's event?  Doesn't make any sense.  They'll be news for a few days and then quickly forgotten once Apple has their launch.  If anything they should launch AFTER Apple - like 2 weeks after once the news has calmed down some.
The prevailing theory here is that "if it's not Apple it's crap."  It's amusing to see folks here shocked that some schools prefer Chromebooks.  They're half the price and apparently do what the schools need.  I love my iPad, but pounding out a research paper on it would be a huge PITA.  Forcing schools to spend $40 on a BT keyboard (or $79 for the Apple version) is not a good idea because it's more money that they don't have.
Boggles the mind, doesn't it?  Unsubstantiated rumors on an unannounced product push back a made-up launch date and reduce a wild-guess number of sales.  Oy.
Love the Homer sticker.  That's awesome lol
Might be good for teenagers, but otherwise yeah it's pretty much useless.
But...but...Google is evil!  Why would they do something helpful?  /s
Yeah, hot on the heels alright.  If 5% market share versus 38% market share isn't "hot on the heels," I don't know what is.
Maybe because he'd like an iPhone with a larger screen?
New Posts  All Forums: