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Well if they both use the same Ecuadorian attorney then it must be true!  Case closed.
But how do you take selfies?
 Yeah that could very well be true.  Google just gets some love because some of the far-in-the-future stuff that they're working on (self-driving cars, contact lenses that can monitor glucose levels), plus the robotics purchases and Glass.  While Apple makes money hand over fist, they haven't announced any new product lines in awhile.  They're the most profitable company on the planet, have the highest valuation, and the most valuable brand.  "No new products" is about the...
 Agreed.  Not sure what point this would make to Apple.  It's not like they're taking away any real significant revenue.  I'm sure this was met with a mild yawn in Cupertino.
Apple Maps showing you images of things that don't exist.  I'm shocked.
Well that does it.  I am closing my Wells Fargo accounts and refinancing my mortgage with someone else!   /s
Yeah, I'm curious on this as well.  I'd be shocked if Apple slipped at all.  I know there was a lot of pent-up demand for the Mac Pro.  I'd have expected a nice little increase because of that.
I haven't, and have no interest in it.  Don't need Apple pushing me product ads as I'm walking around a store.  Leaving bluetooth off.
No big surprise there. They're going to stay at the top of the charts for several weeks I'd wager as enterprise adoption begins. I wish the subscriptions were a bit cheaper, but the university rate is pretty nice. Planning on downloading and trying these this weekend.
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