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WOAH HO HOAH!! That would be awesome. Streaming iOS games from iCloud would be the bomb. I can Airplay some games from my 5s, but they won't go full screen. Really hoping this comes to fruition.
 Because this time they might actually be tracking something useful, like glucose levels.I'm just curious how it would feel to wear this. I've been wearing soft contacts myself for over 20 years. Comfort will obviously be a big issue. Would be amazing if they manage to bring these to market, especially if they can communicate with a smartphone app.
 Well, if you're looking to sell it...
Well, they wouldn't be copying anyone, and they wouldn't have to worry about anyone copying them for that horrible idea, so there's that.
 Yeah, but I mean you still have to take your iPhone out of your pocket to see what iBeacon is buzzing you about. Not really much of a time-saver there, though the proactivity is nice I guess.
 +1000. Amen. Nobody cares about who's on Apple's board. You make decisions on the best available talent at the time, not to fill arbitrary checkboxes based on race and gender.
 Agreed. I meant to grab the Lonely Planet travel e-book, that looks pretty cool. Oh well. Looking forward to the Avicii track.
 I know right? Crazy that some people claim to use the in-car OS as the deciding factor of whether or not to buy a vehicle, throwing out fuel economy, safety, styling, performance, etc. Certainly within their right, but very strange indeed.
I'd take one of those from Siri any day
Mine works really well for the most part, although sometimes the sensor just won't activate it seems. It pulls up the dial pad, and won't attempt to read my thumb print. I can punch in the code and then try it again, and it works fine (and this isn't just after a reboot - I know you have to punch in the code after that). Any new tech is going to have its growing pains. Mine works most of the time, so the times that it doesn't aren't annoying.
New Posts  All Forums: