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That Pump Fakers baseball team is really impressive to get 10 HRs but only have 8 RBI
Doesn't have the NFC chip unfortunately, so no Apple Pay.   It does have the Watch app on it though.  I though It came with iOS 8.2. I still love mine - works great, although the battery drains a bit quicker than I'd like.  I'll probably upgrade to a Plus at the end of the year.
Exactly - that's one of their main drivers behind preorders.  Apple will have no trouble selling every watch they make I'm sure.  I'm a bit doubtful of a 31M number, but I have no doubt that they'll sell 5M+ in the next quarter.  Now that they have a good idea of demand, they'll be able to ramp up production accordingly.
Absolutely.  Apple has an opportunity to deliver a gut punch here.  Really excited to see what comes over the horizon.  Love love love my Apple TV and would be thrilled if I could finally cut the cord.  HBO Now is a great step in that direction.
 Big Brother at work!   On a serious note, that is odd.  Have you had a previous order shipped to your office?  That's the only thing I can think of - maybe it somehow pulled your email and phone number off of a prior order. Glad to see the demand high!  I figured they would all sell out, but am surprised to see how far out the shipping times are for some models.  That's awesome.  Really hope the Watch is successful.
"All of you people?"  So 30 people said they ordered one and that's floodgates to you?  Man you're a bright one
That's a really good point.  I had assumed it would be an annual refresh cycle, but I admit I have no basis for that assumption lol.  It's somewhat of a tough call.  My initial instinct is to wait and see what kind of reviews it gets and what the typical uses for it are (as well as what, if any, bugs), but I'm not sure if I want to wait 2 or 3 extra months (since I'm sure there will be supply constraints at the beginning).
The more and more I read about the Watch, the more I want one.  Maybe it's simple fandom, but I may have talked myself into the stainless steel one as well.  I was going to wait for the 2nd gen, but might be getting in the Preorder line.  
So you're saying that iOS 8.2 was the most bug-filled release that Apple's ever had?  
Awesome!  Way to go Tim, and great job setting a selfless example for others.  
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