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Boggles the mind, doesn't it?  Unsubstantiated rumors on an unannounced product push back a made-up launch date and reduce a wild-guess number of sales.  Oy.
Love the Homer sticker.  That's awesome lol
Might be good for teenagers, but otherwise yeah it's pretty much useless.
But...but...Google is evil!  Why would they do something helpful?  /s
Yeah, hot on the heels alright.  If 5% market share versus 38% market share isn't "hot on the heels," I don't know what is.
Maybe because he'd like an iPhone with a larger screen?
This has nothing to do with the media companies.  Why on earth would they care about 30 vs 90 second previews?  This is about Apple trying out the shorter previews to see if A) people even care and B) save on bandwidth costs if they don't.
Apple Maps still doesn't have the 400 flyover bridge? 
 Yeah, it's just the streaming audio component.  I've got this app on my iPhone, and it's great.  Can listen to any feed from any game.  Not a bad deal for $20 a season.
They should both just follow Tesla's lead and drop the patents entirely.  Apple is going to win either way, so why continue wasting so much energy?
New Posts  All Forums: